Photo: Terraces, Yuanyang.

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Which Best city in china will recommend

Posted by markalan0123 on 12/12/2013 at 08:34

i haven't gone in china before i am making plan for tour who will guide me for my tour please.... ...

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Backpacking from Bangkok to Hanoi in three weeks

Posted by Kallepp on 17/2/2016 at 11:50

Hey! My girlfriend and I are going on our first backpacking adventure ever. We are starting in Bangkok 9th of July and ending the journey in Hanoi August 2. We want to travel by bus or train from Bangkok through Cambodia and Vietnam but don't know how much time we can spend in each place and where to find information about trains and buses. Your expirences and recomandations about places to see, things to do and how to travel is much appriciated and also very inspiring. ...

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This is the best season for China tour?

Posted by salmanize on 17/1/2014 at 05:57

Hi, I want to visit china for a tour with my parents. I just know something about china. Which places is beautiful and charming for family tour? ...

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China itinerary advice

Posted by RTruter132 on 9/6/2015 at 05:17

Hi All I am trying to arrange a trip across China for later this year (late September to early October). It will be my first time traveling to China (I have backpacked across Indonesia/Western Europe before), and would appreciate some advice. We plan to stay c.25 days, I'll be traveling with two friends, and we will be fairly budget conscious (budget is around $2,000 excl flights to get there from South Africa). I'm not really one for big cities, so I'd like to limit the time spent in places li ...

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Posted by jameswitcomb on 16/4/2015 at 12:02

Hey all ! So I am planning a trip to Japan/China - 27 days all in all.. My budget is £1000 excluding flights which are £450 return from the UK. I am planning to go in hostels or couch surf a couple cities too If anyone who has travelled to both countries and can assist me with my itinerary and budget - if it is do-able? Then please help. ITIN: May 12- to tokyo 13 tokyo 14 tokyo 15 mt Fuji day 16 Osaka 17 Kyoto 18 Hiroshima back to Kyoto 19 back to Tokyo 20 Tokyo to Beijing (FLIGHT) 21 Beij ...

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Chance to win free tickets to Taiwan!

Posted by Dev_App on 3/3/2015 at 20:56

Craving for a free trip to escape from your routine life? Here comes your chance. Tourism Bureau of Republic of China (Taiwan) is now offering free tickets that fly from US to Taipei. Simply spend 2 mins to play a little game and you may become the winner! See it here: (This offer is exclusively for US/Canada Passport holders. Winners can choose to fly from LA or SF) ...

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Art Exhibitions in Shanghai

Posted by scotty_m on 11/12/2014 at 06:48

Hello guys, I arrived in Shanghai some weeks ago and will stay here for a couple of months to do a student exchange. Anyway, I recently walked through the Bund and passed by a hotel/art exhibition at the 'Swatch Art Peace Hotel'. They currently have a very nice exhibition, I guess it's called 'Faces & Traces'. My place is very near to the campus of the Fudan university. Do you know by chance any similar interesting museums or art exhibition in that area? Cheers, Scotty ...

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Comments on Ice Festival Harbin

Posted by Susan1025 on 4/12/2014 at 03:25

I'm planning to visit Harbin this winter vocation, because I've heard that the Harbin Ice and Snow Festival is very exciting and interesting. How about it? Would you please give me some advice? ...

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travelling in China during a national holiday

Posted by scotthutch90 on 4/4/2014 at 07:33

We will be arriving in Beijing on the 3rd of October and just found out this will be right in the middle of National Day Holiday which is apparently chaos as far as transport accomodation and sights are concerned, has anyone experienced being in Beijing or just China in general during a national holiday? Is it really as bad as I'm thinking it may be? ...

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What's the most beautiful city in China?

Posted by nobody on 27/2/2013 at 03:40

What's the most beautiful city in China? ...

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How to plan an independent trip to china?

Posted by marianaamc on 17/11/2014 at 14:06

I used this site a lot for planing my southeast asia trip this last summer. I want to include some parts of china next time I travel but I'm finding hard to research for it. Besides a guide book, any place you suggest. If not, which guide book would you buy, knowing that I'm not yet sure where I want to go. Thanks! ...

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Beijing to Yunnan

Posted by Walkerfly on 3/12/2013 at 20:22

I’ll spend two months(business) in Beijing next January, and plan to have a trip to Yunnan. I guess it’s a beautiful and mysterious place after browsing some photos there. Would anyone tell me what are the most worthy destinations of Yunnan, and where to stay? I have about 1 week to do the trip. THX ...

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Where to learn Chinese?

Posted by Risstel on 26/1/2014 at 18:46

I am planning to spend half a year traveling through East Asia and about 3 months of that time in China. I do not want to just look at the sights, but mainly learn something about the local culture, experience how people live etc. To help with that, I decided to spend the first month learning (the beginnings) of the language. I know I will not get fluent, but I want to get to a level where I can "survive" in Mandarin and I think learning a language is one of the best ways of learning a ...

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Entering China from Laos

Posted by MWasser6 on 2/11/2014 at 18:19

Does anyone have experience entering China via Luang Namtha? I am looking to get a tourist visa for China for travel overland (via Mengla/Jinghong), but it seems like I need a return flight for entering and leaving the country to get a L visa. I don't know the date I will be entering China but have a flight out of Beijing. I'm assuming I cant get a letter from the Laos Bus company.... Does anyone know the best way to go about getting a visa? I can get it in my home country (USA). Alternativ ...

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2 equipped travel bikes to give away

Posted by Psytrancefreak on 14/9/2014 at 20:37

Hello. We travelled by bicycle through siberia to China. There we decided to ship our bikes home and travel on. Now the bikes are stuck at the warehouse of the shipment company because it's more expensive to ship them to Germany than we thought. So, if anyone is interested, we can ship these two bikes completely equipped with bags in front and behind to any address in China. We only ask for the money for the shipping to your address and a little extra. The first one is a German brand alloy bik ...

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When is the best time to visit the Great Wall of China?

Posted by doublewide on 1/3/2013 at 20:47

When is the best time to visit the Great Wall is really a personal choice. In theory, you could visit the Great Wall of China at any time of the year, but in practice there are several factors to consider when planning your Great Wall trip such as climate, your interests, seasons. All these factors will affect your Great Wall experience. In general, it's more comfortable to visit when the weather is mild. Beijing has hot summers and cold winters. In a nutshell, spring and fall are more en ...

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Amazing Low-latitude National Glaciers Forest Park

Posted by Elisabell on 16/7/2014 at 02:23

There is a place, the glistening glaciers rolls down from the steep valleys decorating the silence valley into a mythology Crystal Palace where has palaces, the huge cave, steep ice bridge and so on. In particular the unparalleled large ice falls in more than 1000 meters high and 1,100 meters width, which is magnificent and extraordinary. When in sunny day or moonlit night, it will show thousands of images, let people marveled. Where it is [url=http:// ...

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Yading Nature Reserve in Sichuan

Posted by Elisabell on 15/7/2014 at 03:39

The Yading Nature Reserve is a national level nature reserve and a paradise for photographers and trekkers, located in Daocheng County, Ganzi Tibet Autonomous Prefecture, in the southwest of Sichuan Province. covers an area of 1,344 square kilometers and has an average elevation of well over 4,000 meters. Some other attractions in Yading include the Five-colored Lake, Milk Lake, Chongu Temple, and Luorong Pasture, etc. Yading is one of China's most awe-inspiring nature reserves, Tibetan's holy l ...

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China Visa Problem ...HELP!

Posted by scotthutch90 on 14/7/2014 at 06:51

Hi everyone My girlfriend and I are just about to apply for our Russian Mongolian and Chinese Visas through Real Russia. We knew that we would have to book accommodation as proof for the Chinese embassy and were advised to book fake hotels/guesthouses with no booking fee and then cancel when granted our Visa and just find places upon arrival. But we had planned on crossing the border into Vietnam and the Chinese embassy require proof of onward travel which we won't be able to provide as we don' ...

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Viewed 1,562 times, with 3 replies. Last reply by squarethecircle on 14/7/2014 at 16:18

Bureaucratic stuff: easiest way to exit and reenter china?

Posted by Muimui on 5/7/2014 at 11:40

Hi! For visa requierements (more than 30 days) i'll have to leave and reenter china during my trip there this summer. Since I'll be in Kunming, i was thinking in going to either Vietnam or Laos, what do you think? i'm looking for something as simple as possible, eg cross the border to get the stamp and reenter into China the same day. I guess there are also different requirements for differents countries. Once again, simplest procedure? [img]smileys/smile.gif[/img] Going to Hong Kong could be a ...

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