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Shopping in Thailand - Bangkok vs rest of Thailand

Posted by hannesnaomi on 9/2/2008 at 13:27

Does it make the most sense to shop in BKK for clothes etc. vs rest of Thailand re best deals/quality. If other places are recommended, please specify city and/or market. Where are the best deals found? ...

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Quick Question....

Posted by ARussell on 11/2/2008 at 05:55

How hard is it to find work... paid or unpaid... (free room and board and what not) in Thailand or South East Asia in general? also are there any good sites with information on this? ...

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Slowboat to Luang Prabang from Chiang Khong

Posted by cpw18 on 11/2/2008 at 17:11

Keep reading and hearing lots of different things and just hoping to get the true low down re: departure times, when/how/where to book, costs of everything (boat, visa, anything else), best place to do the visa, etc.. Am I missing anything? Any other tips? I know some snacks/beers and a cushion are key! Thanks ...

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Buying furniture in Thailand

Posted by hannesnaomi on 9/2/2008 at 13:31

I have heard that Thailand is a great place to buy furniture. Wondering if its worth it to purchase furniture there and have it shipped back to Canada? Anyone done this? Easy to do? Costs involved? Recommend shipping companies?? Best city or store to shop at? Thanks :) ...

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Ko Mak - Lazy Days' new bungalows' contact details?

Posted by hjulp on 8/2/2008 at 23:17

Having read below recommendation, I'm looking for the contact details/ website to contact the owner of Lazy Days' new bungalows in Ko Mak island, Thailand. Thanks in advance. **************************** "Very nice bungalows! - By linlov ( total comments: 1 More information please ) Lazy Days' new bungalows are in white concrete facing the ocean ..." ...

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lipe to Penang

Posted by arenal on 8/2/2008 at 05:37

Hi, I'm planning to stay in Lipe for a week, and I was wondering if it was easy to go from there to Penang, in Malaysia. Anyone been there? Thanks! ...

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Thailand - 2 weeks from April 2nd - April 17th 2008

Posted by w33yin on 5/2/2008 at 17:07

This will be my first trip to Thailand. I would like to see alot without needing another holiday afterwards. Is this a good 2 week plan? Landing in Bangkok on the 3rd of April 3rd to 5th - 3 nights in Bangkok (floating market, Grand Place etc) 5th to 6th - 1 night in Ayutthaya 7th to 11th - Fly to Chaing Mai/Fly to Pai - 4 nights in Pai. (elephants, bamboo rafting, etc) 11th to 15th - Fly back to Bangkok then to an Island (maybe ...Koh Pha Ngan)4 nights on the Island (resting, ...

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Ko Mak - New mid-range bungalows run by German?

Posted by hjulp on 6/2/2008 at 23:06

Hi, I heard from travelers that a German runs a new/ refurbished mid-range resort in Ko Mak with new bungalows (I'm not speaking about TK Huts). Can't find the name... Anyone who knows it, please send me name and @ contact details. Thanks in advance ...

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Travelling alone, meeting people?

Posted by ARussell on 4/2/2008 at 06:07

Just wondering how easy it is to meet people while backpacking in SEA in general, I travelled alone to South America last year and would like to travel to SEA with someone, but my friends are not too adventerous. Is it easy to meet people and perhaps travel with them? ...

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Travelling around Thailand in two weeks

Posted by charlotte88 on 4/2/2008 at 22:06

Hi there, i'm travelling around thailand for approx 2 weeks before crossing over into laos. Bangkok- scenic- only 2 daily from bangkok’s Hualamphong Station, via Nakhon Pathom. -kanchananaburi. Main station is on Thanon Saeng Chuto, 2km north of town centre. Walking distance of some accommodation. Itineray- ???Ayuttha- -Day trip? Temples:- Viham Phra Mongkol Bopit. Mon-fro 8:30-4:30. sat/sun til 5:30. Most rewarding temple- Wat Na Phra mane- 8-5pm B20. -?Sukothai Chiang Mai ...

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full moon newb

Posted by twominds77 on 25/1/2008 at 13:09

Hi guys, Im new to this site, and soon to be in asia. I just want to know where to stay during the full moon party, whilst still having access beautfiul, pristine beach and most importantly a good nights sleep if needed. So far everyone has suggested the west side of the island, would this be right? ...

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Trouble Choosing an Island!

Posted by JamieB on 17/1/2008 at 04:00

I have been reading the descriptions for each of the Thai Islands and I still can't figure out which island/s are the best to visit! This will be my first time to Thailand and I have only heard about Phuket, but I have been turned off by the number of negative comments made on the blogs. I am young and looking to meet other travelers but also want a real taste of the culture and the Thai people. Does anyone have suggestions as to what their favorite islands are? I will traveling in early Apri ...

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Mae Sai: sights, cafes or good restaurants?

Posted by myrhmaid on 27/1/2008 at 16:31

Hey there. I'm volunteer-teaching in Mae Sai, northern Thailand (the border town into Burma). The students are great, but the town is fairly charmless as far as I can tell, and since I'll be here for three months, I'd love some suggestions for any good cafes, places to eat, use the 'net, sights to see...anything really to help keep me sane. Thanks! ...

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Travel partner(s) wanted for idyllic Ko Chang(Burma side) Jan 12-19(flexible)

Posted by bigducknfish on 5/1/2008 at 09:23

Hi, my name is Glenn, Australian backpacker heading to a more natural island called Ko Chang, wondering if anyone else out there is interested. KO CHANG - link on the place or do your own search ME - fun, adventurous, laid back and genuine - I am not looking for a romantic getaway. You can follow this link to find out more about me including feedback from other travellers and people I have stayed with. YOU? Male/Female any age. Well if you think I could be okay then we will ...

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Lonely planet india wanted- in thailand.

Posted by g_singh on 27/1/2008 at 20:41

hi, we are travelling in thailand at the moment, currently in Pai, then off to Chiang mai then bangkok, if any one has the new 2007 Lonely planet india in english they want to sell i would like to buy at the right price before we go to india towards the end of feb. thanks, G ...

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Homestay just outside of Chiangmai

Posted by MrMax on 30/1/2008 at 18:59

Excellent place to be see their website and guestbook ...

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Will we make our Koh Tao ferry??

Posted by elena9 on 29/1/2008 at 18:53

Hi there, We are planning to fly from Bangkok to Koh Samui and then to catch a ferry to Koh Tao...our problem is that our flight arrives in Samui at 12:30pm and the ferry (seatran) departs at 1:30pm. Is it realistic to expect to make this ferry, or should we book the night in Koh Samui instead? We will only have 3 nights in the islands and would prefer to spend our time in one place. Thanks for any feedback... ...

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Weather in July and August

Posted by huggomartini on 28/1/2008 at 08:29

I'm planning to go in December but there are a possibility to go earlier maybe in July and/or August. I saw the weather maps and it rains a lot in July and August but my question is, there are days in July that you can't go to the beach? It rains everyday or few parts of the day? I saw also in the islands of the Gulf (Ko Samui/Ko Tao and Ko Pha ngan doesn't rain much but in Phi Phi and Phuket it rains lot. Thanks in advance ...

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Posted by RACER283 on 29/1/2008 at 05:27

Hello, Anybody know where the best snorkelling is around Ko Samui or other island close by. How about good tour operators. Thank you for any feedback. ...

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Renting Apartments in Chaing Mai

Posted by firedog on 28/1/2008 at 14:59

Greetings, We are traveling to Asia this year with our 1 year old son and are interested in renting a furnished apartment for 2-3 weeks (minimum 1 bedroom, prefer 3)in Chaing Mai. We are very aquainted with the guesthouse system....but wow wouldn't it be great to have a kitchen and not worry about my babe keeping other guests awake. Thanks for any leads or advice. ...

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