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Transport or distance from Klong Muang Beach to Railay Beach

Posted by sugarplum on 23/2/2007 at 17:52

Friends of ours are stayng in Klong Muang, but we want to stay on either Railay East or West. So far been unable to find a map with scale. Can anyone let us know what either the distance between, or the cost of transport between are. And also, what time transport runs until? Cheers........ ...

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Websites to find travelmate

Posted by carlakoopman on 23/2/2007 at 13:07

Hi, I will be visiting Thailand (and maybe Laos) from 24 May till 19 June. At the moment I'm traveling alone in Australia, and that's no problem, a lot of people to meet and Australia is not much different as the life I'm used to in Holland. But I'm a bit more insecure about Thailand, and would prefer to travel with someone else. Does anyone know useful websites to find a travelmate? Or do you think I will be fine, traveling alone, because Thailand is quite Western? Kind regards, Carl ...

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Pilok Mine, Kanchanaburi

Posted by Somsak2299 on 22/2/2007 at 18:01

Anyone ever visited Pilok Mine in Thong Pha Phun, Kanchanaburi? Is it worth the visit? ...

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airport to ayuthaya?

Posted by nigatu on 20/2/2007 at 14:53

hello is there any direct public transportation from the new bkk airport suvarnabhumi to ayuthaya? what is the easiest way to get there? thanks ...

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Krabi up to Kanchanaburi

Posted by skinnylatte on 23/2/2007 at 03:03

I'm wondering if it's possible to get from Krabi to Kanchanaburi without going to Bangkok. Any ideas? Failing which, assuming I catch a bus for Krabi-Surat Thani or Trang, to catch a train an overnight train to Bangkok— what is the easiest and quickest way to get from Hualamphong to that inconveniently located Southern Bus Terminal? ...

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Form of money???

Posted by Shitbricks on 20/2/2007 at 18:01

Hey we are going to be traveling Thailand, Vietnam. Laos, and Cambodia for about 3.5 months. We dont have any credit cards and were wondering what is the best way to carry money? Are travellers cheques widely accepted? Otherwise could anybody suggest a credit institution with good rates for a first time carrier? thanks guys ...

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Blue sky bungalows Koh Lanta

Posted by Benny on 21/2/2007 at 19:49

Does anyone have the contact details of Blue Sky bungalows in Koh lanta please? ...

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sea kayak/canoe trips

Posted by nigatu on 7/2/2007 at 21:11

hello i've done some i-net browsing on the above mentioned topic and the advertised prices seem quite high. are there any "budget" options? would you recommend the phang-nga bay or krabi area? thanks ...

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food on the overnight train to Trang

Posted by sologirl on 10/2/2007 at 09:32

Hi, I"m taking the overnight train from BKK on the 17th to Trang and wondered if I should be stocking up on snacks & meals etc. One hears so many horror stories about the quality of train food (to be avoided at all costs...) I'm not sure how much of a lead time I'll have to go shopping. I arrive into BKK from CM at 12:55 and have till 18:20 to get across town to the train station. Thanks in advance ...

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From Chiang Mai to Chiang Dao

Posted by Mia on 21/1/2007 at 00:24

Hello there, greetings. I will be arriving in Chiang Mai late January, staying for one week. My agenda is to visit the Karens hill tribe/some small trekking activity in this trip and take it easy in Chiang Mai. I am considering going to Chiang Dao, staying at the ChiangDao Nest 1. I got some useful information from here, about using the public transport to reach Chiang Dao and so on. I also saw on the website of the 'resort', the tours they offer. My question is - Since there are so many ...

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Just to introduce myself and to talk about Northern Thailand where we live...

Posted by globalgypsy on 12/11/2006 at 11:33

Hi, My Name is Kurt. My wife and I, Mon live in Chiang Dao Thailand. Even though we run a Restaurant and Guesthouse in Chiang Dao, I am more than willing to share my experiences about other towns and areas in Northern Thailand, too. I have been living in Thailand for about 6 years now. Born in Germany and have lived in Canada from 1975 - 2000. We do a lot of travelling, both in Thailand and other places. I have lived in Mexico, travelled to Guadamala and Belize and travelled most of Eur ...

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2 weeks in Thailand

Posted by Kazzer00 on 16/2/2007 at 23:41

Hi all, We're travelling to Thailand for 2 weeks. Hoping to go to Phi Phi for a 4-5 and then over to Ko Samui for a couple of days and about 5-6 days in Ko Tao. Looking for a relaxing-ish holiday but we are unable to go for more than 2 weeks. Should we leave out Phi Phi and go to the islands on the East side instead? Or is 2 weeks enough. Don't want to go home feeling exhausted from cramming things in. Any advice greatly appreciated! Kaz ...

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Bed Bugs

Posted by tati53 on 18/2/2007 at 15:19

I'm leaving to SE Asia in a few days and know that I will run into bed bugs somewhere along the way. Is there any way to prevent them from biting? They seem very resistant to any normal bug spray/DEET product. If I cover the hostel/guesthouse bed (mattress and sheets) in large, plastic garbage bags and sleep in my silk sleep sack will I be safer? Are the bugs able to climb the slick plastic? Yeah, I know I sound crazy, but any advice you could provide would be most appreciated. ...

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whats the date for the march07 full moon party???

Posted by rockwilder on 17/2/2007 at 02:58

i've checked several sites and they all contradict each other as to when the march 07 full moon party is on...some say its on the 3rd some say the 4th...i'm flyin into bangkok on the 2nd of march and plan to book a flight straight to ko samui drop my bags somewhere and ferry my ass over for some fun...would appreciate anyones help on this matter...thanx ...

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Beach Swimming and Security

Posted by abh1128 on 16/2/2007 at 10:50

I am planning to do as much snorkeling & swimming as I can while in Thailand & am wondering about security precautions when staying in a sweet hut. Do they all have hotel safes? I'm going to have a money belt, camera, passport and need some ideas of how to enjoy the waves, yet not put my valuables at risk. Thanks all, Anne ...

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Posted by SteveHickey on 13/2/2007 at 22:16

Hi everyone, I'm getting my vacinations done this week for my travels to SE Asia. I'll be landing in Bangkok on April 16th and in the following two months I'll be back-packing around Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam. I don't have an exact route planned as of yet, but I do know I'll be in the maleria areas and I'm sure I'll have some exposure to certain illnesses that I wouldn't usually be here at home. If you have any advice on what vacinations i should get, and also what course of ...

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Lamai or Bophut?

Posted by newbie419 on 11/2/2007 at 01:51

Hi all... I'm wondering if people could give me their thoughts on Lamai beach vs. Bophut on Koh Samui. I have definate plans to stay in Maenam Beach for 3 nights and have 4 nights to fill at either Lamai or Bophut Village/Beach (specifically I have reservations at both Lamai Wanta and The Lodge). I like everything about Bophut except I've read the swimming in front of the village stinks and my hotel, which is in the village, has no pool. Is it far walking to good swimming? Lamai supposedly ...

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flights from manchester to bangkok

Posted by bizza75 on 9/2/2007 at 04:29

myself and a friend are wanting to travel to thailand late november 07 and staying on for about two months, maybe more before traveling home.. i was just wondering if anyone could advise me on the best airline and tickets for this journey and any recomended stop off points on route to thailand. this is a first and hopefully my dream come true.. any advise will be much appreciated.. many thanks, bizza. ...

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Lipe questions

Posted by ulf on 12/2/2007 at 14:19

Hi, I've heard that it's possible to go by boat from Phuket to Koh Lipe (One boat from Phuket to Lanta and then another from Lanta to Lipe). On the info I got there's 15 minutes to change boat in Lanta. Does anyone know if this trip is possible to do in one day due to the short time to change boat? Who operates the ferries? Another thing I wonder is if it's possible to go from Lipe to Langkawi in the morning (there are boats on the afternoon, but then I would miss a flight to Bangkok). Ulf ...

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Paradise in Southern Thailand

Posted by merrylg on 12/2/2007 at 01:59

My husband and I stayed at the Haadson Resort in Khao Lak Thailand for a week over christmas 2007 and had a wonderful time (Island Villa). (This small resport is not currently in the recommended list for Khao Lak, but it should be...perhaps it's too new?) The resort has fully recovered from the tsunami, is very nicely designed in a modern clean asthetic that conveys warmth and luxury, and is nicely situated in a coconut plantation, within a lagoon. The location is very quiet and secluded aside ...

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