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Malaria Tablets

Posted by C3DRFC on 6/3/2012 at 12:00

Are these readily available in Thailand an if so how much should I be looking to pay for a 3 month dose? GF an I are off to Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia and Singapore, we know that the majority of countries are low risk if any at all, but thought we better be prepared. We have a 4 months supply, would this be suitable for a Three month trip for us both? Any advice is greatly appreciated Thanks ...

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Taking 6 months of Doxy to SEA

Posted by GhostOfTomJoad on 3/10/2012 at 11:49

I've just gone to the chemist to get my 6 months worth of Doxy for malaria prophylaxis, and have come back with a huge bag full! I'm going to need to take them out of their boxes and just take the strips, I will have about 22 strips, will this be a problem, or do I need to keep them in their original boxes? I will have a copy of the script. If I do need to keep them in their original boxes I will have to figure something else out because they are going to need their own backpack! ...

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Boating Accidents

Posted by daawgon on 3/10/2012 at 12:02

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012 was not a good day for boating in SE Asia. 38 died in a ferry accident in Hong Kong as well as 5 deaths in a small boat accident on Halong Bay, Vietnam ...

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Antimalarials into Singapore?

Posted by lylzezane01 on 11/9/2012 at 03:50

Hi all, I will be travelling with doxycycline from Melbourne to Singapore and to Phnom Penh. This isnt a transit flight, and I will be leaving the airport, spending possibly a week in singapore. I have many left from my last trip so buying them isn't a problem. I'm just a bit worried if I need any papers or anything taking them into Singapore? They have crazy laws and I dont want to be imprisoned! So does anyone have any idea on the topic? I tried to read up about it but I didn't get very far ...

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Permethrin directions

Posted by lylzezane01 on 11/9/2012 at 04:37

I have left over permethrin solution from my last trip. I thought I might make use of it for this trip. I dont have the pack- only the bottle. And the label is all washed out so I cant read it! It is this baby : Or for you who dont want to click on the link its Equip Permethrin Treatment 20mls. Also, my face is very sensitive. Do you recommend soaking my hat in it? I know that I have to ...

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Rabies is it worth it?

Posted by Tomhamish on 4/5/2011 at 23:25

going to be all over South East Asia this summer, should i get the Rabies Jabs? i here it only gives you an extra 24 hours to get to a hospital if you are bitten etc... the cost of the injection isn't really an issue for me.... but to be honest i really really really hate getting injections and the rabies one is a course of three!! so as long as i'm carful (no patting street dogs/ no playing with monkeys) do i really need it? Thanks ...

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can you buy Malarone in Saigon?

Posted by kattkaa on 2/6/2012 at 11:20

Hi everyone, I know I am not the first one to ask but I've been searching with no luck. It's £3.3 per tablet in London and it is really a lot of money when trying to travel on a budget. Does anyone know if it is available in Vetnam (Saigon)? What other antimalarials are available there? We're going to Mekong Delta and then Koh Ta Kiev and Siem Reap and have been advised to take them. My boyfriend has already had dengue so def doesn't want to risk anything. Thanks! ...

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Looking for gluten-free travel advice/tips for Vietnam/Laos/Cambodia

Posted by ibon on 17/11/2009 at 07:09

I'm heading to SEA towards the end of December for a month. I'm gluten intolerant and would love to hear any tips or advice from other GF travellers. We're visiting Hanoi/Luang Prabang/Siem Riep/PP and Kampot. To make things more complicated I don't eat meat (fish and seafood are okay). But when travelling I am not fussed about things like meat-based broth, eating around pieces of meat etc. I've done some research on the web and from what I can tell Cambodia looks like it will be the most challe ...

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Posted by jimmyg on 20/5/2012 at 12:53

Hi all i am 45 yrs old and planning to travel Sth east Asia for 6 months pretty soon for the first time, i am on a number of medications for a heart condition, i am hoping someone can give me any advice of being able to buy these meds in Bangkok either over the counter in a pharmacy or at a hospital Ramipril 5mg Simvastatin 40mg Bisoprolol Fumerate 1.25mg Aspirin 75mg thanks for any advice given ...

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Japanese Encephalitis

Posted by daniel4 on 5/6/2011 at 04:50

Japanese Encephalitis is it worth it? We are traveling to Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Thailand this coming July and wondering whether to bother with Japanese Encephalitis, given the costs involved. Just wondering what the general consensus is ? ...

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odds on getting malaria without taking tablets

Posted by sdl68 on 15/8/2009 at 06:05

This from a Canadian travel health website Retrospective studies of large numbers of travellers have provided an approximation of malaria risk during a 1-month stay without chemoprophylaxis: Oceania (PNG, Papua [Irian Jaya], Solomon Islands and Vanuatu) 1:30 or higher, subSaharan Africa 1:50, Indian subcontinent 1:250, Southeast Asia 1:1,000, South America 1:2,500 and Central America 1:10,000. It is noteworthy that the highest risk areas for malaria are Oceania, Africa and, to a lesser extent ...

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Recommended clinics to get vaccines in Kuala Lumpur?

Posted by ulilah on 10/5/2012 at 07:44

Hi Guys, I usually only read posts on this forum and I scanned the whole of it in search to get the answer to what I'm looking for. I found a lot of helpful stuff but not exactly what I need Me and my husband are going on a long trip which we plan to begin in SEA. We already started with vaccine injections but when we heard the price for JE (Ixario) I asked a friend who lives in Taiwan and she said it's worth for voluntary work in rural area (our plan too) but there is another vaccine for JE n ...

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Safety in Thailand

Posted by dangernoodle on 17/4/2012 at 14:16

I've recently been planning a trip to Thailand this summer with a good friend of mine. We have our itinerary, budget, and flights all set up. The only problem is her parents seem to think that Thailand is the most dangerous place on Earth for some reason. How can I show them that this is far from the truth. I know that the people of Thailand are some of the friendliest people. It is the land of smiles. I would love any help via articles, blogs, personal experiences etc. Thank You!! ...

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travel medical insurance

Posted by valerie1213 on 11/4/2012 at 10:57

Hi there, Has anyone from the US bought travel medical insurance. Is it worth it? Any suggestions for companies? Thanks, Valerie ...

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forgot to have my injections!

Posted by jonny85 on 7/4/2012 at 02:47

Hi all,through all the exitment and planning iv totally forgotten to get my injections i leave for se asia today! What can i do i need some helpfull advise,please nobody call me an arse lol ...

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fake malarial medicine

Posted by sayadian on 16/1/2012 at 22:05 This story relates to Africa, so apologies but the stuff originates in China so I wonder how much of it gets into this region? Has anybody had any experience of fake medicines? ...

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Ha Noi: Street food has something extra ... CHOLERA

Posted by CatBa on 12/3/2008 at 21:53

Street food stands often offer good food for a bargain price. Unfortunately, CHOLERA is being increasingly served up with street food in Ha Noi and the Health Department warns incidents are on the increase! In HCMC the city government has food inspectors who actually sample food stuffs (they don't actually eat the samples but chemically analyse them). You can tell when a food inspector has visited recently as cooks (in restaurants) wear hats and hair nets and street vendors use gloves. ...

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japanese encephalitis vaccine in hong kong

Posted by laughingbuddha on 1/12/2011 at 13:58

I am going on a 13 week adventure through SE asia (HK, Hainan island - thailand - cambodia - vietnam - singapore - bali/indo) and wanted to know if anyone has any experience/comments/suggestions for getting the japanese encephalitis vaccine while in hong kong instead of paying $400 USD for it here in the States. I don't intend to spend months in the jungle, but i might want to get a jungle trek or two while I am out. i would rather be protected and pay for peace of mind, but then again, i'd rath ...

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Chikungunya outbreak in Thailand.

Posted by SBE on 13/5/2009 at 15:55

Mosquito-borne diseases. Many newbie tourists worry about catching malaria when they go to Thailand. Most expats and seasoned travellers know that you're far more likely to catch dengue fever than malaria. But there's another mosquito-borne disease which rarely gets a mention on travel forums called Chikungunya. The symptoms are similar to dengue but it causes fewer fatalities. There seems to be quite a lot of it about in Thailand at the moment, mostly in the the Muslim areas in deep ...

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Physio Therapy Clinics in Thailand and Vietnam?

Posted by phishsticks on 16/12/2011 at 08:31

I have been planning a long 6 month trip with my girlfriend, we're leaving in a week, but she pulled her back out about a month ago. She's getting better but we will need to periodically get her some physio therapy on the road, does anyone know of any clinics in Hanoi, Bangkok, Chaing Mai, Krabi or Phuket? Do you know the name, website, address, phone numbers, or prices, or any info of any Physio treatment clinics in these cities would be a great help. Thank you so much in advance. ...

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