Photo: Fisherman returning to Ko Tarutao.

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Similan Islands Liveaboard Trip Report

Posted by swag on 19/11/2009 at 05:00

Hi all, as the lucky recipient of the Travelfish’s 5th B’day giveaway Similans Live aboard diving trip I thought I’d post a report of my trip. The live aboard was run by Similan Diving Safari’s which is close to Nang Thong beach in Khao Lak. This is a Padi 5 star dive centre which is spacious, air conditioned and well layed out with plenty of gear available to be purchased. The live aboards run on a 4 night 4 days rotation with the boat leaving from Taplamu pier 14kms south of Kha ...

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My first shark

Posted by greenman42 on 30/12/2009 at 18:21

After thirteen days in Thailand, two of which were spent in Bangkok and another travelling, I've been on Koh Samui for ten days without having gone snorkelling yet. For someone who plans to do my Divemasters on Koh Toa, this just won't do. This morning right after breakfast I decided it was time to get my fins wet, as I'm staying in Lamai with a view of the ocean, right on the edge of the bay. I took a walk down the concrete road, which turns into a gravel track, which turns into an eroded path, ...

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suugestions for my first time in SEA.

Posted by scormick on 6/1/2010 at 09:37

Hi, First of all I would like to congratule you for this magnific site. It's amazing!! I'm from argentina and my boyfriend and I will be arriving at Bangkok on Jan 22nd. We will return on Feb 20th and we are planning to see Bangkok, Angkor Wat, Ho Chi Minh, Hue , Hanoi (plus Halong), Vientine or Luang Prabang and Phuket /Phi Phi. We are having some problems to fix our itinerary. Could you please take a look at it and share your recomendations?? Itinerary: 24/01: Bangkok - ...

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Xmas & New Year Hue and Hoi An

Posted by kayewhite on 12/1/2010 at 19:35

Over Christmas and New Year we spent 4 nights at the Orchid hotel in Hue and a total of 5 nights in Hoi An (3 nights at the Vinh Hung 1 Hotel and 2 nights at the Vinh Hung Riverside Resort). We thoroughly enjoyed Hue due to the great choice of hotel and the time we spent with Mr Trung of DMZ Tours. We booked a family room at the front of the hotel although there was just the two of us. The room was quite a large suite with a king and single bed and small balcony. Although our room fro ...

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Big question for a 1,5 month trip

Posted by mistiko on 22/11/2009 at 00:11

Hi to all!! I'm an Italian guy, looking for a dream comes true...I would like to travel around South East Asia next year, around April...I haven't planned anything yet and i'll be travelling alone. I know it's maybe a big question that involves so many topics, but...any suggestion?! I know it's already late and this is an opportunity i recently had... Thanks to all for reading!! ...

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Koh Payam-just back

Posted by grazee on 11/12/2007 at 19:57

Hi and greetings to all, Just returned from another sojourn to the “land of smiles” and its wonderful northern neighbor Laos. As I have posted before on my Thai travels, this time I will only cover the travels not mentioned in previous posts. Firstly, after flying down from Chiang Mai, we caught a cab from Suvarnabhumi airport to the southern bus station (1 hour 15 mins, 450 baht flat fee) to head down to Ranong and then onwards to Koh Payam. Small glitch, although there were still som ...

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Bangkok to Samui

Posted by greenman42 on 26/12/2009 at 10:44

After my long trip and my first night in Bangkok, I took a second night a little more sedately. I enjoyed a quick, and spicy dinner, at one of the many streetside restaurants, I must really start paying attention to the names of places. I then took a couple of walks up and down Koh San rd, just looking at the wares, I'm not that much of a shopper, besides its a bit early on to be adding to my luggage. There is not an inch of room in there, and with my broken wheels, I'm busy dragging a hole into ...

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South Africa to Bangkok

Posted by greenman42 on 17/12/2009 at 15:07

I'm finally here, and after a years planning, I've chucked my whole itinerary and am shaking it up a little. This is relatively easy as I had booked nothing other than my flight. After about thirty hours of flying, waiting and transferring I landed in Bangkok via Doha. Qatar was my cheapest option. I took the express bus (AE2) to Khoa San Rd, cost 150 baht. I think this was inflated for Dec, I remember reading on a post that it should cost a third of that. Oh well. what can we do? So in mid D ...

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Malaysia...pros and cons for travelers

Posted by andreahkg on 7/9/2009 at 20:18

I suspect one of the reasons Travelfish has little info on Malaysia is because there are definite challenges to travel in this country. I am a seasoned traveler accustomed to making my own transport and hotel arrangements and have just cut my trip to the eastern beaches of Malaysia short because of the lack of transport, lack of information, lack of "welcome" shall we say from this country. Thailand has a huge advantage over Malaysia as there are travel agents on every corner in the resort are ...

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Basho's 5 Amazing Spider Encounters

Posted by basho on 23/11/2009 at 20:03

Including the Laos Giant Cave Huntsman (biggest spider in the world), the Thai tarantula offered as breakfast and the Cambodian spiders of Spiderville! Warning, these will make your skin crawl... ...

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Wonderful farm near Hua Hin to experience living close to nature

Posted by Invia on 20/9/2008 at 20:52

Hi there, it must have been some kind of great luck, that I found this really non-touristic place while travelling south through Thailand. It’s a little farm in the middle of beautiful green hills, 50 km west of Hua Hin, where the holidays I spent here gave me such a very different experience that I ever had at any other place I’ve been travelling to before. A young Thai couple, Wat and Chabaa, is caring about this place with all their heart, turning this land into something like paradi ...

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Baan Pho

Posted by Thaiman on 12/12/2009 at 11:43

On our last trip to Thailand we visited Baan Pho,not far from Samut Prakan.This area is a large area of Mangroves and is particuarlly important to migatory seabirds.We spent 1 night there in the accomadation available on the site.It cost 400B and was probably worth 50.Terrible.The bird life was pretty interesting though but we were told that November-March is the best time.Another downside to the place is that the Mangroves have acted like a big seive and the mud flats and shore line were just ...

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Posted by gracetandil on 10/12/2009 at 00:11

Yes, thousands of "thank you" to this travel site. I have just arrived from my trip to South East Asia (Thailand, Lao, Cambodia, Vietnam, Singapore and Malaysia) and I could do it with your help and wise advices. Love to all of you from Argentina. Graciela. ...

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Visa help for Thailand Laos Cambodia and vietnam

Posted by erikmaez on 29/11/2009 at 07:21

I will be landing in Bangkok and I know the thai visa will be no problem but my question is if visa's for laos cambodia and vietnam are easy to get while in bangkok. I have heard that you can get all three while in bangkok but i want to be 100% certain before i arrive. If not does anyone have any suggestions on obtaining a visa for vietnam? Thank you all!! ...

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Posted by salgado88 on 28/11/2009 at 19:44

Hi all, I need some help with organizing a backpacking trip in 2010 ... we will spend 19 days in Thailand (12)/Laos(3)/Cambodia(4) Can anyone help me with a making a route plan? Basically it has to look like this: - 3 days in Bangkok - 3 days in some beach area (Thailand) - Luang Prabang and Vientiane - Angkor Vat and Phnom Phen The main idea would be to have some fluid itineray, which should cover all of the above mentioned points Arrival/departure is Bangkok Thanks a million! ...

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6 weeks in SE Asia During monsoon

Posted by erikmaez on 5/11/2009 at 05:55

I am going to Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam from june 16th-July 31. My question is for people who have been there during these times... Is the rain really bad everyday? Should I reschedule or will it be ok? Is there anything that I wont be able to do/see when it is raining? Any other general advice?? Thanks sooooo much for you help very much appreciated!! ...

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Tour of SE Asia - where and at what time

Posted by dispoiler on 26/11/2009 at 22:43

Hello everyone..this is my first post so bare with me... I am planning to visit S/E Asia setting off in mid/late April. I want to go to Burma, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Thailand, however my time scale is upwards of a year.. So my question really is, which countries should I go to at which points in time? I dont want to pin myself down to s specific schedule but I also dont want to miss Angkor Wat at its best or get stuck in the north of Thailand during a monsoon. It seems that its ...

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Singapore to Vietnam in 5 weeks??

Posted by srose88 on 26/11/2009 at 02:54

Hello Myself and a friend are about to book tickets for a 5 week visit in SE Asia (possibly a little longer as we're getting a flexible outgoing flight). The plan was to fly into singapore and make our way through Thialand and Cambodia to Vietnam (flying out of Hanoi. The first leg from Singapore to Bangkok - we have looked into a train journey for this ( described as the 'jungle line'..any recommendations? In general are tains/buses especially challanging in SE Asia? ...

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Hanoi, Halong Bay & Tet New Year

Posted by basho on 6/11/2009 at 19:52

An article about travelling in Vietnam during this time and what happened. Outside Context - the travel writing is back! Quote: I remember thinking that seen from a distance through the eyes of, say, an observer from another planet, what was happening here would look like some sort of strange and ancient ritual dance. The Taxi driver and we moved around each other twisting and swaying, we were all pointing at maps and towards distant objects. We were haggling with big arm gestures and s ...

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Cambodia's best beaches/islands?

Posted by Thewatersedge on 5/11/2009 at 15:14

Hi We're travelling to Cambodia over New Year and into January. We have about 8 days to hang out on a beach. I've been reading about Shihanoukbille's beaches and islands but would love to know which islands/beaches and accommodation people recommend? I don't want to be with too many tourists or in a resort - quiet, pretty, good food and good accommodation - and happy to move between beaches to get a mix. Any suggestions? Thanks very much Jo ...

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