Photo: Fisherman returning to Ko Tarutao.

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singapore bangkok laos vietnam hongkong beijing shanghai then to cairns sydney then working holiday

Posted by dbscuba on 7/10/2010 at 02:27

hi guys im new on here i have flights ready to book for the 29th of june 2011 to singapore im then wanting to travel up to bangkok by train/bus then on to laos through vietnam on to china, karst peaks, beijing, shanghai. as anyone ever done this by land. im not really wanting long stays in each place max 5 days just to see the best bits really i am wanting to know a realistic time and maybe cost to do this in as i have a flight to schedule from shanghai to cairns to start an holiday working visa ...

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Hoi An Motorbike Tours

Posted by sems on 6/10/2010 at 16:17

Sure you can hire a motorbike in Hoi An and scoot around (we did, from the man across the street from our hotel for 120000 VND, thats about $6 USD ) and that was fine, despite the fact that the Vietnamese aren't very keen on a map or a road sign we managed quite easily to get ourselves to My Son. Of course our hotel pushed for us to take an organized bus trip (yuck) telling us that "it was much easier" and it was "quite a long way to go", after much traveling in S.E. Asia I ...

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mosquito net/malaria/VITAMIN B COMPLEX/boots/general impressions...

Posted by Indoluso on 21/9/2010 at 05:56

Based on a trip through Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia in the wet season Small report concerning these after my travel experience. Don't take malarials, I bought malarone (!!!) and used it about 5 times, which is useless. Use anti-mosquito spray and you won't be bitten. If you want the perfect control over mosquitoes take vitamin B complex once a day. We were 3 travelling, two of us taking theses vitamins and one not taking them. We were bitten sometimes, he was very often devoured by mosquitoes! R ...

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hanoi taxi - bus from airport update

Posted by sems on 27/9/2010 at 11:59

In Hanoi now, wanting to avoid the airport taxis we went for the local bus option (down to the left as you exit the airport) we wanted to catch the #7 or #17 which take you to bus stations in the old quarter (for around 30 cents USD), so did many other tourists (all standing around going "do you know where the #17 bus is") but none of us had much luck in trying to convey our message to the Vietnamese people so we ended up on what I understand was a Vietnam Airlines bus for 30000VND. ...

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Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos in 4 weeks...

Posted by JourneymanTraveller on 4/7/2010 at 21:25

In January 2009, we travelled around South East Asia for 4 weeks - we had no more time than that and would have loved more, but we'll have time to go back one day. I have posted on it here so feel free to go and look: Didn't want to have to re-write the whole thing here so I hope the moderators of Travelfish do not mind me doing it this way. ...

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Vietnam trip june 2010

Posted by swag on 28/6/2010 at 12:24

hi all just back from 3 1/2 weeks in nth/central vietnam.have added some pics to the travelfish pool.any questions or comments would be appreciated. cheers ...

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3 Months Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam & Loas Trip Report

Posted by miranda456 on 17/4/2007 at 17:59

[There should also be a link to an excel spreadsheet of our budget here soon] After spending 3 months in South East Asia, my eyes have opened up to the world, and I have realised how ignorant I was of many things. I am so thankful to live in Australia, and be born into a fantastic life of opportunities. I had a wonderful trip and would recommend it to everyone. You’ll see that we stayed probably a bit too long in some places, this was because my boyfriend was doing 3 university subjects ...

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itinerary help!!

Posted by beamer321 on 17/9/2010 at 05:00

i am planning a 2,5 month trip to thailand and surrounding countries. i fly into Bangkok on oct 5 and would like to spend the first 3 weeks on ko tao and ko phangan then leaving the country for a visa run not returning for 3 weeks so i can stay in thailand until i fly out of bangkok on the 18 of december . id idealy like to see angkor wat halong bay and northern laos. please help! ...

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Bueng Kan, Thailand (January 2010)

Posted by exacto on 19/2/2010 at 08:33

It isn't covered by Travelfish, but Bueng Kan, along route 212 midway between the towns of Nong Khai and Nakhon Phanom , is a good stopover point for bicycle tours or others making the trek along the Mekong River. There isn't enough here to make it an intentional destination, but if you are passing by this way, it is a pleasant enough spot to spend a night. Bueng Kan itself is a typical, unremarkable Isan town. There isn't much to see here, and exploring the entire place on foot, includi ...

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The Stair Master Hits Sideman

Posted by tezza on 14/9/2010 at 12:24

“Here’s the plan,” I say to Lady Tezza as we gaze across the gorgeous rice terrace landscape from our panoramic balcony at Lihat Sawah Homestay just south of Sideman town in east Bali. “It’s about 90 minutes ‘til sunset - I reckon I have just enough daylight to climb up to Tegah Temple across on the western ridge there and get back down the steep bits before it gets too dark”. “Sounds good, I’ll come too,” she replies. “Um, I dunno. Lihat’s map says that track up the moun ...

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Laos trip report

Posted by somtam2000 on 11/3/2010 at 15:49

I've just done a short writeup on my short Laos trip over on the Travelfish blog (I posted it there 'cause easier to post lots of pretty pics there) You can read the full writeup here: All comments, as always, appreciated! ...

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Ko Phi Phi Whistle Stop

Posted by tezza on 2/8/2010 at 18:24

Whoa! It isn’t there! I’ve just jumped off the ferry, and turned hard left towards the far western end of Ton Sai beach where sand and water is unexpectedly nice for Rock Climbing Bungalows - a simple trad-style place which appeared beachside not too long after the tsumami. But the joint is gone! There are now about 4 outfits down near the cliffs, mostly flashpacker. I ask around for cheap rooms and they direct me back 100m to the first joint Phi Phi Sand Sea View Resort which has some budge ...

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Vietnam - some general observations from 3 weeks here

Posted by Karimster on 30/9/2008 at 19:21

Of course 3 weeks doesn't make me an expert, but some observations some of you might find useful it you're planning a trip here: Ha Long bay: I splurged on my trip here, so stayed two nights on a relatively posh boat. It was worth splurging (based on conversations with other travellers) and worth spending two nights. This gave us a full day inbetween to visit places a bit off the tourist track, and was much more memorable than those parts of the trip we shared with those on a one-day trip. Ha ...

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3 Month SE Asian Tour - Clockwise or Anti-clockwise?

Posted by patlad on 21/8/2009 at 00:34

As someone who has never visited SE Asia I’m extremely excited about my upcoming trip. Could anyone help nudge me in the right direction as I plan my itinerary? My Situation: Arriving Bangkok mid September, Leaving from Singapore mid December I'd like to see: Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Malaysia, Singapore. Using Bangkok as my starting point I'm unsure whether to leave soon after I arrive and see Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos - then head south back into Thailand and then down to ...

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Pata "zoo" in Bangkok: believe it or not...........

Posted by mistifarang on 25/6/2008 at 12:13

Near the river in the Patta shopping mall one finds exotic animals at the 6th and the top-floor! This “zoo” is showing reptiles etc. at the 6th floor and….. a Gorilla, other species of monkeys, 2 tigers, bears, a Hippo, to mention only the biggest species! Both tigers have around 10 meters from right to left and back. Not to speak about the primates. The “zoo” was founded in 1984 and that can be noticed. Since that time the Gorilla Buanoi (origin not clear…….(!)) is “living” ...

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Ko Lanta 'report'

Posted by shakester on 27/6/2010 at 16:18

hello fishy people Too often do I neglect feedback once I am back from a trip. Here is some info from a very short trip to Ko Lanta in May. PHUKET Stay at Casa Brazil, Karon beach / 650B/night, no breakfast Taxi from Airport to Karon : 550B Taxi from Karon to airport (pre booked) : 700B Rent a scooter : 200B (leave your passport and sign a form) Ferry Phuket _Ko Lanta return fare : 1600B/person (includes pickup from Phuket hotel and drop to Lanta hotel, as well as drop off to phuket hotel o ...

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The road less traveled

Posted by solomonuk on 24/6/2010 at 23:47

A friend and I were traveling SE Asia by Minsk. This is the story of one hell of an adventure trying to get these bikes and ourselves through some rough roads and riding conditions from Sapa to Lai Chau. The roads ahead of us were literally being built in front of us and what we thought was to be a highway according to the Road Atlas of Vietnam we had turned out to be in construction. The story is here: The rest continues... ...

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Vietnam Easy Riders - From Da Lat to HCMC

Posted by Jleef on 21/6/2010 at 17:59

A little write-up of my recent adventure, should any of you have an inkling for something similar ...

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Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and a bit of Thailand in 5 weeks

Posted by sven365 on 16/6/2010 at 22:20

Hi All I am after a bit of help. We have 6 weeks, and the last week of this we plan to spend diving in Ko tao and chilling on the beach in a resort. So basically, we have 5 weeks.. We have specific flights, so we need to fly into either Hanoi, or Ho chi minh and depart from Bangkok. Bearing this in mind, what would people recommend is the best way to get a trip in the time we have. what route would you take? One option is to fly into Hanoi, then go anti clockwise down to Bangkok, as we wan ...

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Quan Lan Island - Halong Bay region

Posted by yaelzephyr on 29/5/2010 at 17:25

We've just left Quan Lan island and decided to write a trip report about it since we didn't see any other on our way there, and thought it might help some other travelers. This is a gorgeous island with very friendly people and next to no tourists. It seems that between zero and four tourists rotate through the island each day, so you're pretty off the beaten path here. Despite that, it's very easy to get to. We heard about it during our Halong Bay cruise - and simply left the group when they he ...

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