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Cable car

Posted by christine1423 on 15/8/2011 at 15:23

Hi All, . Can we walk or do we need transport How easy is it to get to the cable car in Dalat Thank you Christine ...

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Viewed 2,397 times, with 5 replies. Last reply by octopus29 on 16/8/2011 at 18:47

Con Dao

Posted by MotHaiBa on 7/8/2011 at 14:23

Hi guys, Just wondering if anyone could let me know about accommodation options on Can Dao apart from the 3 hotels that are listed about the place. Is there anything like guesthouses or something informal like that? Any other info also appreciated. Probably not looking at coming over until Feb next year. Thanks ...

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Viewed 3,092 times, with 5 replies. Last reply by eastwest on 14/8/2011 at 10:28

When to book Halong Bay/Sapa tours?

Posted by Rubixx on 11/8/2011 at 19:30

I want to go to Halong Bay and Sapa between 03/01/2012 and 11/01/2012. Should I book these when I get to the hotel in Hanoi or should I book them early online (if possible). I am one to like to have everything organised before I get there. What are your experiences? Also, should I book my train tickets from Hue - Danang - Nha Trang now, being that I will be travelling to those places close to the lunar new year? Any advice is appreciated. Thanks. ...

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Viewed 4,866 times, with 4 replies. Last reply by Rubixx on 13/8/2011 at 17:23

Cat Ba - Where to stay

Posted by douluvme49 on 7/8/2011 at 20:28

Hey everyone We are heading to Cat Ba Island in a week and wondering if anyone knows good accomodation. We would like to spend $15 max. We like air con (who doesn't haha) Thanks in advance! ...

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Viewed 2,805 times, with 3 replies. Last reply by DLuek on 13/8/2011 at 16:14

tour in vietnam

Posted by pierdd on 7/8/2011 at 15:05

hi all what can I easily do by miself and what do I need an organised tour in vietnam? Chu Chi Galleries - tay ninh Delta Mekong Any reliable operator to suggest? Also, would it be possible to go to chu chi and then directly to cambodia? thanks ...

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Viewed 2,582 times, with 2 replies. Last reply by janice107 on 11/8/2011 at 09:24

Multiple Little Hanoi Hotels?

Posted by morgiane on 22/7/2011 at 04:42

Hi all, I'm planning a trip for the end of the year to Vietnam and was looking at Little Hanoi Hotel as a place to stay. However, in google searches i'm coming up with multiple Little Hanoi Hotels. Am I right in thinking there are copycats leveraging the original Little Hanoi Hotel name? I see two websites: and (And is the recommended one the one located at 48 Hang ga street?) Thank you! ...

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Viewed 2,533 times, with 4 replies. Last reply by morgiane on 11/8/2011 at 01:11

Avoid saigon hotel -Thai Nhi mini hotel

Posted by allatsea3 on 4/5/2009 at 13:50

surly rude obnoxious staff especially if you use their internet supposed to be for guests deliberately belching and callng out to distract. refused to give clean towels and soap .AVOID ...

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Viewed 6,636 times, with 6 replies. Last reply by hussejane on 10/8/2011 at 12:21

Travel agent

Posted by sagemode on 17/7/2011 at 21:33

Hi, Can anyone recommend good travel agent that does Halong Bay and Sapa tours? I will be going to Hanoi in August. Can anyone advise me on the weather in Hanoi and Sapa during this period. Also do I have to bring a thick jacket in sapa? Thanks Melvin ...

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Viewed 91,583 times, with 2 replies. Last reply by Rubixx on 8/8/2011 at 20:43

How to get my Vietnam visa?

Posted by chicoelnino on 21/7/2011 at 22:49

Hey, I'm currently travelling around SE Asia and will be heading into Vietnam overland from Laos sometime around Oct. I was wondering how do I get my visa sorted before I enter Vietnam? Can I go into the embassy in Bangkok(I'll be there in a few weeks) and get it sorted? If so, then am I committed to entering Vietnam on a certain date? How long does it take to get the visa if I apply for it in person in Bangkok? Thanks for any help on this matter. ...

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Viewed 3,804 times, with 5 replies. Last reply by vietnamrum on 6/8/2011 at 11:18

Laptops , do many people take them?

Posted by laallee on 30/5/2009 at 22:13

we are travelling for 4 weeks and incredibly or not! we are reliant on my laptop for internet banking, emailing, addresses etc. any advice on travelling with the thing, should they be carried in your hand baggage? any tips are welcome as we have never "needed" to take one before. thanks, lee. ...

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Viewed 26,731 times, with 56 replies. Last reply by GentleGiant on 2/8/2011 at 11:38

Vietnam Border Run or Visa Extension?

Posted by AGRO on 27/7/2011 at 01:05

We will be arriving in Vietnam overland from Cambodia. I am Canadian and will be getting my Visa in Sihaunikville. My partner is Filipino and therefore does not require a Visa. She will be stamped 21 days. Since I'm allowed 30 days and she's allowed 21 days. We were hoping to stay at least 30 days, if not more. So we're wondering if we're allowed to extend our Visa's in Ho Chi Minh or even preferably Nha Trang. Or do we have to do a border run back into Cambodia? If a border run is the only ...

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Viewed 4,698 times, with 4 replies. Last reply by GentleGiant on 2/8/2011 at 11:24

Sigon Post Office

Posted by dcuhel on 4/6/2007 at 10:53

Can someone tell me about the HCM City Post office. Is it Reliable???? Is it Quick?? How much would a 1 Kilo package to the USA be??? Thanks for any help. ...

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Viewed 4,298 times, with 5 replies. Last reply by ngoaisongmuabay on 1/8/2011 at 13:45

Iphone 4 micro sim in Vietnam?

Posted by Fattymac on 29/7/2011 at 11:25

Just wondering whether anyone has managed to take their iphone 4 to Vietnam and use a local carrier who could provide the micro sim card. Otherwise I'll just take my 3GS which takes the normal sized sim.... Can anyone let me know one way or the other? I take it they have Iphone 4 there?? Thanks, Fatty ...

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Viewed 5,396 times, with 2 replies. Last reply by Fattymac on 1/8/2011 at 03:18

Hoi An & Hue

Posted by krestniy on 26/7/2011 at 05:58

Hi everyone. We have 20 days to explore Northern and Central Vietnam. In your opinion, how many days should be spend in Hoi An and Hue each? We were planning 2 full days in Hoi An (including 1 day to visit My Son ruins) and 1 full day in Hue. ...

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Viewed 8,190 times, with 11 replies. Last reply by MotHaiBa on 31/7/2011 at 08:43

Mai Chau or Lake Ba Be?

Posted by krestniy on 27/7/2011 at 13:53

Hi everyone, Given our schedule and limited time, which of the following in northern Vietnam would be a shame to miss: -Mai Chau? -Lake Ba be (perhaps a 4-day Northeast loop tour that Handspan has)? -Tam Coc/Coc Phuang Nat park? (maybe can be done as daytrips from Hanoi) If you have any preferences, please let me know how many days I should allocate to the place as well. Thank you! ...

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Viewed 3,460 times, with 4 replies. Last reply by travellingsarah on 30/7/2011 at 13:58

National Day, Sep 2

Posted by Cerritos on 30/7/2011 at 00:53

I will be in Hanoi on Sept 2, the Vietnam National day. Assume it is similar to the US 4th of July. Are there any events/parades/displays worth attending? Thanks ...

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Viewed 2,338 times, with 1 reply. Last reply by travellingsarah on 30/7/2011 at 13:44

Buddhist retreat/ meditation group in Vietnam

Posted by malthoff on 13/9/2008 at 11:47

Just wondering if anybody knows of any kind of meditation retreats, meditation groups, etc. in Vietnam. Do any of the monasteries do activities for non-Vietnamese? And yes, it would need to be in English (or German). Any pointers would be much appreciated! ...

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Viewed 19,399 times, with 3 replies. Last reply by haivanvietnam on 29/7/2011 at 10:34

Airport pick-up by a hotel

Posted by kyuyori on 23/5/2011 at 06:34

Hey guys. I'll be traveling in Vietnam in June and booked an inexpensive hotel in the Old Quarter. They offered to pick me up at the airport for $20 USD (5-seat vehicle) or $25 (7-seat vehicle), as there are many scams at the airport and this would be safe and convenient. Looking around, this fare sounds rather steep and I was wondering if taking a No.17 bus and using any other method of transportation would be more prudent. Any advice would be much appreciated. ...

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Viewed 2,905 times, with 4 replies. Last reply by travellingsarah on 28/7/2011 at 14:11

Travel from Vietnam to Singapore

Posted by lloray on 19/7/2011 at 00:34

Hello, What is the best way to travel from Vietnam to Singapore? are there any ferrys etc? Thanks ...

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Viewed 3,703 times, with 2 replies. Last reply by rayee on 28/7/2011 at 00:20

transport Nha trang to hoi an

Posted by christine1423 on 27/7/2011 at 03:27

hi all, We are planning on staying in Nha Trang for 4 nights and then taking the train to Hoi An . The best schedule by train ii think is SE6 depart 20:18 and arrive 05:38 ? would we be able to get from danang to Hoi An this early time in the morning? If not is there anything we can do in Danang this early? The alternative would be to get the Sinh tourist open bus which i believe is fairly comfortable and goes direct. what would you folks suggest from past experience. thank you Chris ...

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Viewed 2,624 times, with 2 replies. Last reply by VNJeepTours on 27/7/2011 at 15:44

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