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vietnam visa in phnom penh

Posted by kaptainkano on 24/8/2011 at 16:41

Can someone tell me the current cost of getting a vietnam visa in phnom penh and maybe recommend a reliable agent to use. Also when crossing into vietnam by bus is their any additional fees at the border ot guards looking for tea money. thanks ...

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Don't shoot me....!

Posted by le1979 on 23/8/2011 at 20:53

..... it's ANOTHER Thai visa question. In my defence I'm in India on a dodgy connection which could go anytime..... We are travelling across India to Calcutta and from there we want to fly into Hanoi . All the flights go via bangkok. I'm going to be meeting my sister in bkk on the 17th November and was planning on flying in to get 30 day visa. If we got a flight from Calcutta to Hanoi via bangkok would it mean I won't be able to get the 30 visa when I meet my sister? Or can I get a transit visa ...

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Tourist visa questions

Posted by mudchild on 15/7/2011 at 18:24

Hi there First off this is the best website! I just have a question on the Thai Visa situation which I cant seem to find answers for. I am going to apply for a thai tourist visa with 3 entries I think as im there from sept until jan. From what I can see I have to leave every 60 days which is fine as Im planning to go to cambodia and laos. I was planning on going to cambodia first off and then laos later on. Will my next 60 days be activated if I travel overland though? Also will it make a diffe ...

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Returning to Thailand from Cambodia, and I lost my yellow fever certificate

Posted by Fixman on 20/8/2011 at 19:30

I'm an Argentine citizen, and while I can enter Thailand without a Visa, I need to have had the yellow fever vaccine before coming to the country. I entered Thailand with that certificate, and after a few weeks I left it and went to Cambodia. Now I was planning on staying an extra day in Bangkok, but I lost my certificate. Does anyone know if this will be a problem, even through I have a Thailand stamp already on my passport? ...

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Bad info about crossing from Vietnam into Cambodia with Vietnamese motorbike?

Posted by brand0n on 27/6/2011 at 04:53

I have heard that it is pretty hassle-free to cross into Cambodia with a Vietnamese motorbike, but one response that I got from a rental shop in Hanoi has me a bit worried: "According to me ride up through Cambodia from Vn side it is not sensible idea because Vietnamese custom not accept to ride any motorbike(even bike in your own name) to Cambodia if the bike don’t have a permit road work for crossing border. it make by ministry of communications and transport." We are planning ...

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Overland border crossings. Onward travel tickets??

Posted by jammi100 on 5/3/2011 at 20:01

Hiya, Im planning on making as many border crossings as i can overland. Therefore the onward travel tickets for visa purposes is going to be a problem! Was planning on just using whatever transport i can find while out there and making only a couple of flights if possible. Will this be a major issue at the crossings?? Any advice?? Thanks ...

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thai tourist visa

Posted by ambersaffron on 5/8/2011 at 11:08

I have a couple of questions about the thai tourist visa. Please forgive me if these have been answered already, I've done some searching but couldn't find the answers. Can you get the Thai tourist visa in Thailand? Is it possible to get a multiple entry Thai tourist visa? Where can you get an extension for your thai tourist visa? Does it have to be at an embassy or consulate, or can a guesthouse or travel agent do it? To apply for a Thai tourist visa before arriving in SE Asia, do you need to ...

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getting a working holiday visa for australia - in SEasia

Posted by joe_leviente on 20/6/2011 at 01:22

hi guys, this is my first post so go easy on me! I hold a UK passport, and am going travelling around south east asia in august for 7 months. At the moment, I'm considering going straight from SEasia to australia to work for a year or two, rather than getting on my return flight to england and having to fly back at some point. Does anyone have any experience getting a working holiday visa for australia in south east asia? will it be any different to getting one in england? also, I read that ...

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SEasia to Australia

Posted by joe_leviente on 24/6/2011 at 17:41

hi guys, I'm going to be backpacking around SEasia for 7 months (aug-march) then getting a flight to Australia, where I'll be spending 1-2 years on a working holiday visa. At the moment I'm looking at the flight between Asia and Australia, does anyone have any advice regarding the cheapest/easiest way to do it? I'm thinking Kuala Lumpur to Brisbane would be a possibility, anyone know any better? Do you reckon I should book the ticket way in advance, or will the prices not go up too much if I ...

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Postal Application for Vietnamese Visa from London

Posted by luckysmartie on 10/7/2011 at 23:34

Hi everyone, first post on here, although I've been reading (and taking advice!) for some time [img]smileys/smile.gif[/img] I'm just about to make a postal application for a Vietnamese visa from the London embassy. I've done this for a Russian visa a couple of times and have always sent a Special Delivery envelope with the application, however there has never been a postal charge if you do this. The Vietnamese embassy have told me to send an SAE in addition to paying extra for postage (£8 ). D ...

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Anyone entered Thailand overland recently?

Posted by christay2009 on 27/7/2011 at 22:04

Yes, another question on Thai visa exemptions... Has anyone crossed into Thailand overland recently and been given the 15 day exemption? I am debating my trip right now but it will almost certainly end up with me crossing into Laos from Thailand then back into Thailand. I called the UK Thai consulate recently (about something else) and they bashed me over the head with how I must have onward travel proof for an exemption if I cross overland (and Air) into Thailand. I did not even mention doi ...

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Crossing from Thailand to Laos via Chiang Khong - Huay Xai

Posted by donnaansell on 1/10/2007 at 20:13

I will be travelling from Thailand to Laos in November and would like to cross overland via Chiang Khong-Huay Xai, so that I can do the 2 day slow boat trip to Luang Prabang. I was just wondering if they issue visa's on arrival and how much it costs? I've been on a few websites and they all seem to have different answers - some say you need to get it in advance for $50 in Chiang Khong and some say visa on arrival. also some say 15 day and some say 30, so I'm a bit confused!! ...

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Thai visa question

Posted by Shaneo88 on 12/7/2011 at 04:29

Im heading to thailand in a month and i am about ready to apply for my visa. My plan is to fly into bankok then spend about a month in chang mai/chang rai arrea the head to laos for a week or so. I would then probably head south and stay the next two months in souther thailand/malaysia. My question is since i would be entering the country technically three times do i need to pay the $35 fee three times for each entry or can i just do two since i would only be entering once from laos and once fro ...

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Phu qoc to shinakouville as easily as possible

Posted by konnan101 on 21/6/2011 at 18:03

So I am currently in Saigon and looking to visit phu qoc island before heading over the border into Cambodia. Ideally I would like to leave Saigon and travel to phu qoc, then from phu qoc go by land or water to shinakouville, then from shinakouville to phnom penh and siemens reap and so on. Is there an easy way to get from phu qoc to shinakouville, without having to back track back through Saigon, and without having to go to phnom penh first. Also, will I need to get my Cambodian visa in Saigon ...

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Thai Visa Exemption

Posted by creasetofu on 25/6/2011 at 03:33

Hi, I am heading to Thailand for my honeymoon in September and was looking at Visas. I know I am entitled to the Visa Exemption as i have a UK Passport and am staying less than 30 days. However, my question is regarding the proof of finances. Is it 10,000 or 20,000 Baht per person? I have read both! and how do you prove it? cash? travellers cheques? bank statement? Also, has anyone actually been asked to prove it or is it just a legality? Thanks!!!! ...

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Proof of Onward Flight for Camb/Laos VIs

Posted by jendo on 21/8/2009 at 06:00

jendo I'm assuming you wanted to know whether when you enter these nations, the border/immigration people want to see 'evidence' of a 'booked' outward journey. My experience is no. It appears they leave that decision to you. And, if you overstay your time, you must pay a fine. Cheers ...

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Entering Laos from Cambodia on Vietnamese Motorbike?

Posted by brand0n on 27/6/2011 at 04:47

I have read in a few places that a one-month Laos visa may be changed to one week if you bring in a motorbike. Here in particular: Can anyone confirm or dispel this? We have arranged a multi-entry three-month visa for Vietnam but have been told that Cambodian and Laos VOA is pretty hassle-free. Thanks! ...

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Walking from departures to arrival for a Thai land 15 exemption

Posted by Sethinthebox on 24/6/2011 at 20:20

I'm pretty sure that this isn't posted already but correct me if I'm wrong. I will be in Loei province (Dan Sai more specifically) for a few days just before my 15 day visa exemption expires. I was hoping to do a visa run, departing Thailand at either Chiang Khan or Muang Nong Khai. I do not have a Lao visa currently, and I would prefer not to get one just yet. Is it possible to just walk out of the "departures" office of Thailand, turn around and come back into the country again? W ...

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Thailand: A few days overstay = Just pay the 500 thb/day fine and that's that?

Posted by kristoffer_zaar on 13/11/2010 at 21:37

The story... I'm off for a short trip to Thailand and Cambodia and I don't want to waste too much time on transport and/or VISA applications. The trip is about three weeks in total (24 days i think). I arrive by plane in BKK Dec 17, and have a ticket out on Jan 9, also from BKK. Now when I realised (thanks to this awesome forum) that the new Visa-on-arrival rules just gave you 15 days when arriving overland my plan was sort of messed up. The original plan was to fly from BKK to Cambodia (PP o ...

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Viewed 11,935 times, with 14 replies. Last reply by slapbreeya on 20/6/2011 at 14:37

Thai Visa - booking onward travel within 30-day period

Posted by gingersmith869 on 13/6/2011 at 21:39

Hi everyone, I am currently getting mixed messages about not needing a Thai Tourist Visa if I am planning on staying in the country for less than 30 days, and wondered if somebody in the know could help? I arrive in Thailand on Aug 21st 2011 and plan to move on to Laos after 3 weeks via the overland crossing at Vientianne. I am yet to book any transportation so have no confirmed outward travel dates. Do I need to present documentation to show I intend to leave the country within 30 days in ord ...

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Viewed 4,955 times, with 4 replies. Last reply by gingersmith869 on 15/6/2011 at 18:14

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