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vietnam visa in laos?

Posted by annalouisas on 26/12/2007 at 22:02

we'll go from savannakhet(laos) to Dong Ha (vietnam) can we get a visa 4 vietnam in Savannakhet? how many days does it take? what does it cost? is it possible to get the visa anywhere else in the south of laos (we'll enter laos from cambodia)like Pakse or Champasak? or should we get our visa 4 vietnam in Phnom Penh? (we'll have to wait 4 our laos visa anyway) what would this cost us? ...

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Length of Vietnam Multi Entry Visa

Posted by mamooaustralia on 3/5/2010 at 11:09

Hi, I am entering Vietnam on 8th December 2010. I will be seeing HCM City and Mekong and then entering Phnom Penh on 17th December. After travelling around Cambodia and Myanmar, I will then enter Hanoi by plane from Myanmar on 6th January 2011, finally departing from HCM City on 18th January 2011. I will need a multi entry visa, but how long are these valid for? With my dates above, do I need a multi entry visa longer than one month? Thanks, Charlie ...

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Thailand tourist travel tangle!

Posted by emma066 on 12/4/2010 at 20:57

I'm flying from Hanoi to Bangkok in July. I am planning on spending around 2 weeks on islands and then getting a train from Surat Thani down to Malaysia. Obviously I'll book my ticket when i'm there, so my question is, what if immigration in Bangkok refuse entry because we don't have onward travel proof? Has this happened to anyone? What can we say/do if questioned? Thanks ...

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Getting a visa for China in Cambodia...

Posted by sunwreck on 8/6/2010 at 09:17

U.S passport holder. Is it viable to get a Chinese visa from the Chinese consulate in Phnom Penh as opposed to going all the way to HCMC? I've had visas for China in the past even a two year visa when I was working there. I've just never tried obtaining a visa for China in SE Asia before and I can't find anything online about obtaining it from Cambodia so hopefully someone may have some first or second-hand experience they can share. Cheers! ...

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Cambodia E-Visa

Posted by torilou on 6/6/2010 at 22:39

My boyfriend and I are trying to decide if it worth getting a Cambodian E-Visa to save us time at the border - we are travelling into the country on June 18th and go through to Vietnam and back in, flying home on July 28th. Has anyone used the E-Visa? If so, is it worth it? Also, has anyone applied for another to travel back into the country? Any advice would be welcome Tori ...

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Thail visa...6 weeks including border crossings

Posted by kazmurph88 on 26/5/2010 at 21:44

Hey, really need some help with this, We will be arriving in BKK 5th June and staying for 6 weeks, hoping to cross over to vietnam and cambodia at some stage. Have no visas of yet, will a visa on arrival do in BKK? it is too late to appply now? I heard there were free 60 day tourist visas is this true? if so are they available on arrival? Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks! ...

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Viewed 4,321 times, with 6 replies. Last reply by mikethediver on 5/6/2010 at 18:14

How far in advance can i get a Thai Tourist Visa?

Posted by frankie_w on 27/5/2010 at 20:12

Hello guys, This is my first post so please be nice I have tried looking through the many posts on visas but haven't found what i'm looking for... I am setting off on my 'round the world' trip in September (woohoo!) and will get to SE Asia in February. I have already decided on the double entry tourist visa for Thailand as i will be doing the usual by landing in Bangkok and travelling overland to the surrounding countries and then back into Thailand again. Seems to take any hassle off with ...

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on arrival visa cambodia-laos?

Posted by pippeline on 20/5/2010 at 17:07

I read that on-arrival-visa overland from cambodia to laos is possible now. Can anyone confirm this? I'll go to laos end of august and it would be very good to know. Otherwise I'll get my visa in Phnom Penh, but the on-arrival-visa would safe time. Thank you! ...

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Visa for Vietnam and Cambodia for 34 days

Posted by jmgh on 19/5/2010 at 15:02

My husband and I will be in Vietnam for just over 3 weeks and then a week in Cambodia (hopefully via boat) then back to Siagon to fly home from there. Any advise on the best way to get the visas would be much appreciated. We think we will be away for 34 days thanks ...

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hey guys..

Posted by niresh on 12/5/2010 at 23:52

i'm an indian..if i travel to bangkok from singapore by i need a malaysian visa..if so where should i get it and how much it costs? ...

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Flying into Vietnam and out of Thailand--any issues?

Posted by stardar on 30/11/2009 at 13:18

Hi there, We're from the US and planning a 6 week trip to SEA flying into Saigon and out of Bangkok--were planning on doing the visa on arrival in Vietnam through one of the various companies, but read that some people have had some issues when you don't have proof that you're leaving Vietnam. Anyone ever dealt with this or have advice? thanks in advance! *rebecca ...

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Viewed 2,413 times, with 3 replies. Last reply by Donnie_Darko on 13/5/2010 at 00:43

Travel to Phu Quoc from Cambodia?

Posted by EdSue on 3/5/2010 at 18:09

I believe I have read somewhere that it is not possible to travel to Phu Quoc Island other than through Vietnam. We had hoped we could go there from Kampot or somewhere along the Cambodia coast. Is this possible? ...

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Quick Question-Thai Visa

Posted by cheeco on 16/12/2009 at 20:59

Hello everyone, I have a 60-day visa for Thailand right now. How long will it take to process when I apply for a 30-day extension? I can't seem to find this answer. Thanks, Robyn ...

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Viewed 2,747 times, with 1 reply. Last reply by bedu on 4/5/2010 at 11:15

Thailand tourist visa fee exemption extended

Posted by bakpakk on 3/5/2010 at 22:04

I'm not exactly sure if this was posted or not but the Thai tourist visa fee exemption has been extended from May 11 2010 to March 21 2011. I saw this information on the Chicago Thai Consulate's website. It's listed in the headline news section at the top of the page. ...

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China to Vietnam for Russians

Posted by oleganto on 30/4/2010 at 22:26

Good day! I'm gonna go for 3 months travelling to SouthEast Asia. One questions seems unclear. According to the rules citizens of Russia don't need a visa for Vietnam, they get a 15 days free stamp instead. The question is whether I can get this stamp on any border crossing or not? It is so in Laos, but I'm not sure about Vietnam. Tried to scan some Russian forums but unsuccessfully. I'm planning to enter Vietnam from China in June. Any useful info as well as the advices are appreciated. Oleg. ...

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UK flight to BKK then another flight to Laos - Need to stamp Thai visa?

Posted by Jleef on 27/4/2010 at 21:22

I was looking at returning to BKK in the next couple of weeks but given the new Foreign Office suggestions, I am now considering hopping on to a flight to Laos or Vietnam as soon as I arrive in BKK, and eventually returning to Thailand when things cool off. My 2nd flight will likely be a separate airline from the one that will take me from London to BKK. Will I therefore have to pass through immigrations before checking in to my second airline? I know with connecting flights this is not neces ...

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Viewed 2,157 times, with 2 replies. Last reply by Jleef on 27/4/2010 at 22:48

Vietnam Visa - stopover

Posted by Puggles on 8/4/2010 at 09:24

Hi, I am sure this is a dumb question I think I may already know the answer. I guess I am looking to confirm my suspicions. I am travelling back to SE Asia in November this year. This time, we will be visiting Cambodia and after travelling there for a few days last year, I know the drill on how to apply for my Visa for this. What I need to know is - will I require visa for Vietnam if I fly in to HCMC and stay 24 hours before my onward journey to Siem Reap. I think I would need one ...

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Viewed 3,142 times, with 2 replies. Last reply by Puggles on 8/4/2010 at 13:26

Buy tourist visa and not use it until after free entry has expired?

Posted by zigzagry on 18/3/2010 at 05:31

Hey everyone. I'm going to be arriving in Bangkok in 3 weeks and would love if somebody could answer me this question. If I purchase a tourist visa before I go, can I keep it unused until after the 30 day free entry has expired? Or is the tourist visa something stamped in my passport which they would notice and require me to use first? I want to spend 3 weeks in Thailand. Then head to Vietnam and eventually back to Thailand for a longer stay. Maybe 4 weeks. Not having to make boarder runs ...

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Viewed 3,019 times, with 6 replies. Last reply by travellingsarah on 3/4/2010 at 14:07

thailand tourist visa available in vietnam?

Posted by sharpie on 26/3/2010 at 18:21

hey, i have searched the message boards and cannot seem to find an answer apologize if its here somewhere. anyway will be travelling se asia arriving in thailand spending less then 30 days so will get free visa then heading to loas, vietnam and cambodia before heading back to thailand for a month or so. is it possible to get a tourist visa before my re-entry into thailand in any other countries and if so what are the costs? thanks ...

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thailand visa!!! please please help!!

Posted by beachlife27 on 18/3/2010 at 00:08

Hi I have been banging my head out all day looking at different sites and i am tearing my hair out. lol. Please someone help me. Would be much appreciated :) The situation is: Im going to thailand on 2nd april flying with emirates. My flight leaves on 7th may heading to OZ. Therefore i will be in the country more than 30 days ( of which i know i get a free 30 day visa on arrival into BKK). However, after about 10 days in thailand i am hoping over to Laos for a week. I know my 30 ...

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Viewed 1,540 times, with 4 replies. Last reply by francesstella on 18/3/2010 at 20:46

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