The Beautiful Colors of Chiang Mai, Thailand

The Beautiful Colors of Chiang Mai, Thailand

The Beautiful Colors of Chiang Mai, Thailand

Beautiful Chiang Mai, Thailand!

My journey to Southeast Asia last year took me to six countries and numerous cities, towns and villages. Of all the places I had the opportunity to experience, two cities stood out as a place I could live overseas. One of them was Chiang Mai, Thailand (I’ll share the other city in a future post).

Chiang Mai is the largest city in Northern Thailand and the second most-visited city in the country. What makes the city so intriguing is the contrast between the traditional Thai culture and the modern world. The mix of locals and foreigners (of which many expats call Chiang Mai home). In the end, it all works for the better.

I read somewhere that Chiang Mai is Bangkok’s “little, nicer, cleaner, smaller, calmer, prettier sister.” I would say it is more like Bangkok is Chiang Mai’s dirty cousin.

Chiang Mai is a city full of Thai temples and one temple (wat) that stands above all the rest (literally) is the hillside Wat Doi Suthep. You can see the temple on the hill throughout the city and once a top of Doi Suthep you will have amazing views of the city below.

Doi Suthep is about 15 kilometers from the city center, but it is easy to get there. Every tuk-tuk or songthaew (shared taxi) driver in Chiang Mai will offer their services to bring you there. It is a beautiful steep, winding road up the mountain. I did the drive on a motorbike and it was definitely one of the best bike rides I did in Southeast Asia.

At the temple I photographed this young Thai girl doing a traditional dance. Doi Suthep is still an active wat so you will come across many Buddhist monks and local Thais displaying their devotion with prayer, meditation and the burning of incense sticks.

Check back for more of my Thailand adventures!

Happy Travels!

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