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Cambodia's largest and most low-population province, once heavily-forested Mondulkiri provides a refreshing change in pace from the bustle and suffocating heat of Cambodia's lowlands. This historically quiet and largely indigenous region suffered greatly under the Khmer Rouge, although its remote location made it more difficult to control for the ostensibly Communist forces.

In the modern era, quiet Mondulkiri has become something of a cash cow for the Cambodian government and outside companies, who are profiting mightily off its jungles and relatively fertile soil. Unfortunately, almost none of these profits are finding their way back into the community here, which remains desperately poor.

All this development means things are changing fast in Mondulkiri -- and not for the better, judging by the denuded hills around Sen Monorom and the massive rubber plantations that are encroaching upon the ancestral foraging and burial grounds of the ... Read our complete Sen Monorom travel guide

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