Stung Treng river traffic

Stung Treng river traffic

Stung Treng river traffic

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The province of Stung Treng marks Cambodia's northern border with Laos and the point where the Mekong river enters Cambodia after swirling its way around the 4,000 Islands of southern Laos. Originally a part of Laos, Stung Treng switched to Cambodian ownership during the French period and to this day you'll hear a lot of Lao spoken in the same-named provincial capital. The quite large province stretches out from both sides of the banks of the Mekong, though just about all travellers to this part of Cambodia stay on the east bank, at the capital, which sits on the southern bank of the San River.

The province holds considerable promise for those with an adventurous spirit (and a fair amount of free time) as a number of riverine trips can be undertaken, and you can explore the western bank of the Mekong that very few bother with -- motorcyclists in particular rave about the off-road opportunities in western Stung Treng en route to Preah Vihear.

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