Cambodia #16: the "Roulos" boy

Cambodia #16: the

Cambodia #16: the "Roulos" boy

I met this boy at one of the ruins in the Roulos Group - 37km from Angkor Wat.

Before I met him, there are a couple of other kids who came to us and either asked to have their photos taken or tried to give us some flowers, hoping that we might give them some US dollars in return...

When I saw this boy sitting quietly at the ruin, I wanted to take a shot of him and my wife warned me that I may get myself into trouble. I slowly approached him, raised my camera and he stared into the camera for me. I ended up with a series of shots of him and we shook each other's hand before I went away. No US dollar was involved.

T: M6, 50 F1.5 Nokton @ F1.5, Kodak 400VC film

Taken on: 6th December, 2010. Copyright: All Rights Reserved - See zane&inzane's page of Flickr

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