Photo gallery for Battambang


Riding the Bamboo Train in Battambang, Cambodia Sunrise over Battambang. Working on a weaving loom. Banana drying in the sun. Schoolgirls on a motorbike. Rice paper drying in the sun. Cleaning up the bamboo container. Two-wheel tractor and trailer. Fish drying in the sun. Cooking sweet rice in bamboo. Workers at the fish sauce factory. Fish drying in the sun. The fish sauce factory in Battambang. The kranhoung stick king statue in Battanbang. Grapes from the Phnom Banom Winery. Traffic in Battambang town. Battambang Winery. Vishnu statue in Battambang town. The Kranhoung stick king statue in Battambang. The Psar Nat market in Battambang. wherever i lay my hat no yesterdays on the road it follows Colourful scarves at a Battambang stall, Cambodia Are we there yet? #2 TonleSap-Cambodia-2065 Bananaman TonleSap-Cambodia-2132 TonleSap-Cambodia-2113 Life on the water #2 Life on the water #1 Clear roads ahead Are we there yet? #1 Bamboo Train #6 Bamboo Train #5 Bamboo Train #7 Bamboo Train #4 Battambang-1659 Riding with Monkey Saffron Vision Abandoned Train Station #6 Abandoned Train Station #5 Abandoned Train Station #2 Pepsi Factory #3 Pepsi Factory #2 Pepsi Factory #1 La Villa On the move Prek Toal, Cambodia