Church at Palasari, Bali, Indonesia

Church at Palasari, Bali, Indonesia

Church at Palasari, Bali, Indonesia

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During the Dutch colonial period a concerted effort was made to preserve, then promote certain Balinese cultural ways in order to create an attractive image for the purposes of tourism. As far as the Dutch were concerned, Catholic and Protestant missionaries didn't belong in such an image. Initially all missionaries were banned from pushing their ideas on the island but by the early 1930s, some inroads were made and a very small Christian community began to emerge.

Not surprisingly, this "new" community created tensions with both the local Hindu population and the Dutch secularists and in 1939 the colonialists decided to shift the missionaries to two very remote locations in the mountains of far West Bali. At the time there was nothing at either location and both were built from scratch — a particularly impressive achievement.

The exiles formed two communities some five kilometres apart — Blimbingsari for the Protestants and Palasari for the Catholics — over time the ... Read our complete Blimbingsari and Palasari travel guide

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Palasari, Bali, Indonesia Blimbingsari, Bali, Indonesia