Another Rice Field

Another Rice Field

Another Rice Field

Taken on: 7th June, 2010. Copyright: All Rights Reserved - See michael_gaylord's page of Flickr

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Munduk is a remote town in the north of Bali set on a ridge running down from the northwestern rim of the Bedugul caldera. The ridge falls steeply on either side into the valleys below, where distant paddy and spice plantations create a spectacular scene both to the north and the south.

The town itself is located approximately 800 metres above sea level, giving it slightly cooler and less humid weather than the lowlands on the coast. A world away from bustling Seminyak and Kuta. Within Munduk itself there isn't much to see or do aside from taking in the amazing views of the surrounding landscape, but step out of town and a range of nature activities is there for the taking.

The town was historically used by the Dutch colonial administration as a mountain retreat and some of the ... Read our complete Munduk travel guide

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