Sunday, Sanur beach, Bali

Sunday, Sanur beach, Bali

Sunday, Sanur beach, Bali

Taken on: 29th October, 2010. Copyright: All Rights Reserved - See travelfishery's page of Flickr

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A popular escape from the hectic west coast beaches, Sanur provides a far more relaxed beach atmosphere, with an offshore reef providing calm waters that are ideal for children. Accompanying the pleasant seaside atmosphere are a wide range of good quality, well shaded restaurants and cafes and only a fraction of the hassles that one encounters from the pushier business owners in Kuta.

The beach in Sanur stretches some 5km from the Nusa Lembongan departure point in the north to the beach to Mertasari in the south. Along this entire stretch is a paved walkway that is sandwiched between the sand and an endless string of hotels, restaurants and massage ladies. It's a pleasant place to wander along to take in the sights, sun and sea breeze — it's even possible with a pram or bicycle.

As with many of Bali's beaches, Sanur has lost a significant amount of its sand and groins ... Read our complete Sanur travel guide

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