Flores Woman

Flores Woman

Flores Woman

Taken on: 12th July, 2009. Copyright: All Rights Reserved - See cheuleng's page of Flickr

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Flores takes its name from the Portuguese for "flowers" and while it isn't particularly known for its flora it is nevertheless a beautiful place and one that should absolutely be on the itinerary of any traveller to the country who has the time to allow for it.

Dotted by volcanoes that are often surrounded by rice terraced valleys and ringed by glorious beaches, the island of Flores is a fabulous destination for independent travellers happy to endure a little discomfort. Despite this, outside of July and August, Flores is devoid of big numbers of tourists and so you can have large portions of it as a traveller mostly to yourself.

The western reach of the island is the heart of the tourist scene as it is here, from the port town of Labuan Bajo, people can visit both Read our complete Flores travel guide

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