Bajo Bay, Flores

Bajo Bay, Flores

Bajo Bay, Flores

Taken on: 25th March, 2013. Copyright: All Rights Reserved - See travelfishery's page of Flickr

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Labuan Bajo will be the first port of call for most first-time visitors to Flores, whether arriving by boat or plane. And like many port towns in the world, we want to love it, but it just isn't very lovable.

Most near anywhere else in Flores is more lovable than Labuan Bajo, and most travellers will stay here just a night or two as they come and go.

During low season, Labuan Bajo seems to have a fair range of accommodation, but in high season, in the words of one diving instructor we talked to, it is "a veritable madhouse where the hotels are packed and every soul wants to get the hell out of dodge". Even in low season, we had to try three hotels before finding a hotel with a spare room that was decent, so if you're visiting Labuan Bajo in July or August, book in advance if you can. Most of the better establishments are happy to let you book online or over ... Read our complete Labuan Bajo travel guide

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