The village, Wae Rebo, Flores, Indoensia

The village, Wae Rebo, Flores, Indoensia

The village, Wae Rebo, Flores, Indoensia

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The remarkable Manggarai village of Wae Rebo, some 108 kilometres from Labuan Bajo is nestled in the cloud forests of western Flores and centres around seven cone-shaped traditional houses, which are built from bamboo, wood and grass and function as a remarkable piece of Flores' living history.

Thanks to grants from a Jakarta benefactor and the government, one house was built new in 2009, and another guesthouse in the same style was constructed in 2011. A visit here is a unique chance to witness traditional Manggarai village life, and to check out the interesting fauna and flora that has fostered life here for generations.

The friendly locals are happy to chat about their lives (with the aid of a guide) and will show you their homes and farms if you ask. This is the heart of Manggarai culture in many respects, and even hip Labuan Bajo natives admit ... Read our complete Wae Rebo travel guide

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