hidden paradise

hidden paradise

hidden paradise

Taken on: 10th March, 2013. Copyright: All Rights Reserved - See cenilhippie's page of Flickr

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Some 35 kilometres west of the south coast tourist town of Pangandaran is a somewhat well-kept secret hideaway for surfers and beach lovers. The village of Batu Karas is located on the edge of a lovely sandy bay where waves roll in one after the other, perfect for beginner and intermediate surfing.

It's not the surfing that is the best part of Batu Karas. It's the overall laid back vibe that encourages swimming, eating, sleeping and not a whole lot else. In fact, most people here start their day with a dip in the ocean before breakfast, and then retreat to their accommodation for rest during the heat of the day.

The ratio of foreign guests to local visitors is higher here than in nearby Pangandaran, but that isn't saying too much. There are still very few foreign tourists making it this far as it's just too far off the normal tourist trail for most people to bother with, but we say it is definitely worth the effort.

In fact, splitting your time between ... Read our complete Batu Karas travel guide

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