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finished surfing

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Cimaja is one of those places that gets very little attention on the backpacker circuit, but is a massive hit with the surfer crowd. The main draw are the world class waves, which stretch along this strip of coast in the south of Java, six hours from Jakarta. More adventurous surfers have apparently found other fantastic waves nearby, but they are a closely guarded secret.

Starting during the late 1980s and continuing on through the '90s, Cimaja was a pumping surfer village attracting hordes from right around the world. Today, Cimaja is much quieter, matching the massive decrease in tourist numbers more generally throughout Java. This has the benefit of meaning you'll rarely find it difficult to get a room, but the disadvantage that some of the accommodation feels a bit dated due to a lack of modernisation.

Cimaja is located five kilometres west of the local tourist town of Pelabuhan Ratu and aside from the world class waves, there are a couple ... Read our complete Cimaja travel guide

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