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Yogyakarta is nestled right in the heart of Java and is steeped in the rich culture and tradition that has been sidelined by modernity in some of the island's larger metropolises. That doesn't mean traffic jams, shopping malls and internet obsessions have left Yogyakarta unscathed, however concerted efforts by the local government, educators and the residents themselves have so far managed to spare Javanese tradition from falling under the bullet-train of progress.

Before we dive into a history lesson, let's clear up one point of confusion — Yogyakarta (the official spelling), Jogjakarta, Yogya and Jogja are all the same place. There's two different variants on the spelling and the locals also like to shorten the name. We're going with Yogya.

Back before the word Yogyakarta was even spelled at all, the area was home to Hindu, Buddhist and Animist dynasties during the 8th to 10th centuries. Gradually, the religious makeup of the area changed with the expansion of ... Read our complete Yogyakarta travel guide

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