Within the caves, Vieng Xai, northern Laos

Within the caves, Vieng Xai, northern Laos

Within the caves, Vieng Xai, northern Laos

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About an hour by songthaew from Sam Neua is the neat and tidy town of Vieng Xai, set among beautiful karst limestone mountains that rise out of the rice fields like hulking monoliths.

During the Secret War this area was the seat of command for the most powerful members of the Pathet Lao, the nationalist party that won the war and now runs the country. The caves are the major reason for visiting Vieng Xai, either staying overnight or travelling as part of a package from Sam Neua.

It's not possible to see the caves without a government guide, so you'll need to swing by Vieng Xai Cave Visitor Centre, just past the centre of town heading toward the largest limestone mountains.

Done on foot, or bicycle if you can convince others in the group to hire, and with a guide of reasonable English-speaking ability, the tour takes you into the caves of the most important government ... Read our complete Vieng Xai travel guide

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