Road to Tad Katamtok

Road to Tad Katamtok

Road to Tad Katamtok

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Overflowing with attractions, yet still left off most traveller itineraries, Attapeu is a province virtually untouched by tourism.

Set in a valley, on the river bank, wedged between Sekong province to the north, Champasak province to the west, Vietnam to the east, and Cambodia to the south, languid Attapeu has a lot to offer the intrepid visitor, although very little in the way of tourist infrastructure has been developed to take advantage of this, even in the capital of Attapeu itself.

The capital of Attapeu province is predictably Attapeu the city. It’s the sort of place where you might see a few other foreign tourists, but usually only those searching for a more authentic version of Laos. Few tuk tuks seem to traverse the streets of the capital, but walking is the best way to explore anyway, ideally in the early morning or late afternoon, and the town grid is unusually straightforward. Mosquitoes are abundant in the rainy season so be sure to protect yourself as ... Read our complete Attapeu travel guide

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