Photo gallery for Champasak


A hotel boat on the Mekong River. Sunrise on the Mekong River. Renovating Wat Phu. Lao children. IMG_1119.jpg Two-wheel tractors in Champasak. Thai tourists visiting Wat Phu. Buddha Statue at Wat Phu. Workers renovating Wat Phu. On the other Side Lonely Wanderer Thick Brew Mekong Ferry Pump it up! Across the Mekong Washday Doesn't look as if it could carry Cars and Trucks Worried about Business Enfenced The ferry Village My little green Cactus Exotic Fruits Riding on three Wheels Unshaved Lychees The 'safe' Part of the Market Encaged and not yellow yet Mekong Fish Very appetizing Frogs anyone? Jona's Whale Finally some packaged Stuff A Pile of Fish and some weird looking Insect Just yellow Chicken Jailed Lettuce What a weird Sight in Laos... Waiting at the Vat Stop Lettuce Lorry Sticky Rice Bullets Heat Blur Firestarters Stupas in a Line Vat Tham Fai Hot Air and Stupas Vat Tham Fai Lao Nagesh Ninas and Stupas Overgrown Losing his Pants Smoke dried Robes