Jailed Lettuce

Jailed Lettuce

Jailed Lettuce

Route 13
Pakse, Champasak Province, Laos


Taken on: 30th November, 2009. Copyright: Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License - See Nataraj Metz's page of Flickr

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On the western bank of the slow-flowing Mekong, some 40 kilometres south of Pakse, sits the quaint riverside town of Champasak. A modest place, Champasak is deserted compared to places such as Pakse and Don Dhet, with travellers preferring to take daytrips to nearby Wat Phu. To our minds, this makes the town even more appealing than it has ever been.

The Khmer-period ruins of Wat Phu, some 10 kilometres to the southwest of town, were granted UNESCO World Heritage status in 2001, but aside from a large carpark, a semi-modern looking administrative centre and a museum, the fantastic ruins are largely as they've been for centuries.

Well worn and heavily weathered, this is the most important Khmer site in Laos. An attractive but rather small affair, what Wat Phu lacks in size and grandeur it more ... Read our complete Champasak travel guide

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