A fishing boat at sunset on Don Dhet Island.

A fishing boat at sunset on Don Dhet Island.

A fishing boat at sunset on Don Dhet Island.

Taken on: 23rd December, 2011. Copyright: All Rights Reserved - See Chris.E's page of Flickr

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Referred to by some as Khao San Road on the river, Don Dhet is a classic backpacker hub with just a fraction of the shenanigans that take place on Khao San Road. Now well-established on the backpacker trail through Laos, the number and quality of rooms on Don Dhet continues to climb steadily. The scenery is indeed beautiful and the ambience very relaxed, but Laos this is not. Anyone who tells you differently has eaten too many banana pancakes.

If you're on the way here expecting to experience the local culture, prepare to be very, very disappointed. If, on the other hand, all you want to do is relax in a hammock for a week (or a month), meet and talk to travellers and eat traveller food then you're in the right place.

Certainly it's a beautiful area, with daily sunsets and sunrises equally stunning and a wealth of activities on offer – hiking to waterfalls, taking boat or cycling trips, general hiking, camping and extended hammock ... Read our complete Don Dhet travel guide

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