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Pakse is the provincial capital of Champasak and is one of the most Thai-like towns in all of Laos. Until recently most travellers and backpackers tended to use it as a transit point and little else. Tourism infrastructure here is less developed than the more popular north, making it a bit harder to explore, but Champasak province has much to offer -- and Pakse is an ideal base to explore much of it from.

Pakse doesn't measure up to the low-key splendour of Luang Prabang, but nevertheless it has a definite charm, some beautiful wats and two gorgeous rivers -- great for enjoying some eats and drinks by the waterside and watching the sun smoulder into the horizon.

Pakse in recent times has made a transition from transit point to staging area -- the Lao government has put a lot of careful work into cultivating new, ecologically friendly and quite ... Read our complete Pakse travel guide

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A night market in Pakse. Pakse Town. Selling fish at the morning market in Pakse. Rooftop in Pakse. Pakse from the roof top. Fishing on the Sedone River. Town center in Pakse. Monks washing their robes in the Mekong River. Pig waiting for the driver. Pigs going to the market. A restaurant overlooking the river. A floating restaurant. Grandma balcony Tad Pasuam waterfalls, Bolaven Plateau, Laos monks village near Tad Lo Tad Pha Suam waterfall village near Tad Lo village near Tad Lo village near Tad Lo Tad Lo waterfall Tad Lo waterfall Tad Lo waterfall flower Tad Lo waterfall Tad Lo waterfall Tad Lo waterfall Tad Lo waterfall Tad Lo Tad Lo waterfall waterfall Tad Lo waterfall