Balconies and shutters

Balconies and shutters

Balconies and shutters

Thakhek, Laos

Taken on: 12th March, 2007. Copyright: All Rights Reserved - See Sparky the Neon Cat's page of Flickr

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The sleepy provincial capital of Khammuan province, Tha Khaek lies across the Mekong River from the Thai town of Nakhon Phanom. While Tha Khaek is not the most exciting town in Laos, it's a good deal more interesting than its cross-river neighbour, and it's the biggest, most tourist-friendly town in the province.

Tha Khaek means "guest landing". Originally, this was a reference to the town's stature as a riverine trading outpost, but the name still holds water today. Tha Khaek is a full-on, international border crossing, with Lao visas on arrival available for the foreigners pouring into Laos at this point.

The construction effort to transform Route 12 from a dirt track to a major east-west trade corridor led to a steady influx of Laotians moving into town from outlying areas. A corresponding increase in tourist numbers has also been seen and you'll spot ... Read our complete Tha Khaek travel guide

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