this dream in motion

this dream in motion

this dream in motion

My Mamiya decided - somewhere between Chiang Mai and Bangkok, it would seem - that it had had enough of aperture adjustments, and dug its heels in at f16: all the pictures I took in Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, and last-day-Singapore are underexposed except the ones shot stopped-down.

My Polaroid 680 sadly stopped functioning at the start of our holiday, and now this wonderful lens is going to have to be sent off for repairs. I feel very discouraged indeed.

Taken on: 13th December, 2009. Copyright: All Rights Reserved - See :lynn:'s page of Flickr

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Declared by UNESCO 'a living world heritage city' in June 2008, Georgetown is a meld of historic 19th century buildings and contemporary Malaysia. Sights and attractions, fine dining, numerous shopping malls and travellers from all over the world all come together here in a vibrant, colourful city teeming with locals who are living their lives as they have done for generations.

If you could imagine Laos' Luang Prabang, but three times the size, with traffic lights, busy morning commuters and car ferries crossing the Mekong between oil tankers and fishing boats, then you're heading in the right direction.

The inner city is a fascinating place to wander about, with endless choices of tree-lined streets and tiny little crisscrossing lanes. Historical buildings, art galleries and a myriad of temples are among countless other attractions that share the space with good shopping, ... Read our complete Georgetown travel guide

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