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Malysian woman - Georgetown Penang - Malaysia Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion, Penang Teo Chew Clan temple, Penang, Malaysia Kiiltokottarainen not all those who wander are lost so, so semiprecious everything is illuminated temple on the hill (Penang, malaysia) Penang malaysia Graffiti love lane 20100221-0043-DSC_9892 20100220-1729-DSC_9460 20100220-1649-DSC_9367 20100219-1947-DSC_8847 lorang seck street (Penang, malaysia) upside down cross my heart rolling down the years Eastern and Oriental Hotel stilted redux this dream in motion to taste LightHouse postcard photo of a photo door tiger Derelict II Trishaw Elephant Statue Derelict I Penang Street Penang Temple 0308_penang038x 0308_penang003x 0308_penang001x 0308_langkawi006x 0308_penang010x 0308_penang032x 0308_langkawi021x 0308_penang021x Goddess of Mercy Temple, Penang Hindu Temple, Penang Burmese Temple, Penang Keling Mosque, Penang Teluk Bahang, Penang