Stop monkeying around! Where in the world is Sam?

Stop monkeying around! Where in the world is Sam?

Stop monkeying around! Where in the world is Sam?

I am home here in sunny San Diego, California!

I have been posting photos from my Southeast Asia trip from last year, but somehow people have the notion that I am currently overseas.

So why I am now posting photos from a trip over a year ago?

1) I have two skills: photography and procrastination.

2) I was still traveling after I came back from Southeast Asia and I did not have a proper work station to work off my desktop computer or connect my external monitor to my laptop. The few photos I posted last year here on Flickr from Southeast Asia were done on my laptop computer in either my guesthouse or in an air-conditioned cafe while on the road.

3) I was refining my workflow to define my voice and vision.

I am glad I waited because it gave me quality time to reflect on my trip and improve on my post-processing skills.

This photo is from my visit to the Batu Caves which makes a great day trip from Kuala Lumpur. Read about my smelly adventure to the Batu Caves Here

I got up close and personal with this monkey by photographing him with my Canon wide angle 17-40 lens. He showed his displeasure of my presence by sticking his tongue out at me! Maybe he was pissed off because I asked him to sign a model release?

Speaking of throwing the monkey off your back, July 4, 2013, will mark the 237th anniversary of American Independence. Back in 1776 we Americans basically told Great Britain to take a hike! So happy 4th of July to my fellow Americans and to my Flickr contacts in Great Britain, thank you for granting us lowly colonists “permission” to leave the British empire.

Check back for more of my Malaysian adventures!

Happy Travels!

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