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Kuching is the capital of the Malaysian Borneo state of Sarawak. Situated in eastern Sarawak, it is the most populous of all the cities in the state and, arguably, also the best place to be a tourist in the whole of Malaysia, due to its size, quality of accommodation, daytrips and museums.

There is a very distinctive colonial feel to Kuching that can often whisk you away to a balmy night walk along the Seine in Paris when, in fact, you are walking along the waterfront on the banks of the Sarawak River. Okay, we're exaggerating slightly, but there is a definite colonial cosmopolitan charm to Kuching that is different to anywhere else in Malaysia, due in part to the diverse ethnic population of Kuching. You will often find Chinese shops sitting nicely next to Iban tattoo parlours, while a vendor with his hawker stall outside serves up an Indian curry.

The history of Kuching is really the history of Sarawak as a state, as prior to the era of James ... Read our complete Kuching travel guide

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