Lin San Hia temple, Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia

Lin San Hia temple, Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia

Lin San Hia temple, Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia

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Miri, although seemingly quite small, is the second largest city in Sarawak after Kuching. Most of the shops and nightlife are clustered in the city centre and Miri proper can be walked around in about two hours. Miri itself is not a typical tourist destination, unless you are on the prowl for oil, booze or women of the night.

It lacks the colonial charm of Kuching but is a necessary stop-off due to its close proximity to the national parks of Mulu, Lambir Hills, Niah and Loagan Banut. It is also the hub of the rural air service run by MasWings, so again, it's unavoidable if your travel plans include heading into the interior of Sarawak.

On the surface, Miri looks like a newly developed city with its concrete buildings and lack of old architecture, and in fact it only gained city status in 2005. However, it was once a place of strategic importance in the Brooke era and going back further than this, the geographical area surrounding Miri was ... Read our complete Miri travel guide

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