Looking North, up Ratchadaphisek Road and the Asok Intersection(Sukhumvit Soi 21) with Sukhumvit Road.

The Exchange Square Tower is 314 meters of commercial skyscraper, designed by Tange Associates

Taken on: 2nd September, 2010. Copyright: All Rights Reserved - See openyourap's page of Flickr

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The beginning of Thailand's Sukhumvit Rd -- the country's longest, running all the way to the Cambodian border -- is home to sois packed with street markets, shops, bars, restaurants, hotels and condominiums. The area is one of the busiest tourist districts in Bangkok, as well as home to a diverse expatriate and minority resident community, including Westerners, Middle Easterners, Africans, Russians, and Indians. The result is a range of accommodation from budget to five-star, a plethora of authentic cuisine, and some of the city's best nightlife, though it tends to be a tad seedier in this stretch than much of the rest of town.

The neighbourhood is also characterised by appalling traffic and is home to the red lights of Nana Plaza and Soi Cowboy, both of which are enchanting to some and repulsive to others. Visitors should beware of pickpockets and con artists operating in the area, which seems to have become a bit seedier in the last few years.

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