Damnoen Saduak

Damnoen Saduak

Damnoen Saduak

Floating market, west of Bangkok, now increasingly more important to tourists than locals.

Taken on: 22nd February, 2009. Copyright: All Rights Reserved - See konstantynowicz's page of Flickr

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If you can imagine the side profile of an elephant's head as a the shape of Thailand, Ratchaburi province sits at the top of the trunk, acting as a buffer between Burma and Bangkok, and between the capital and the long peninsula that extends all the way down to Malaysia and Singapore.

This strategic positioning has seen the province change hands many times in the past -- it was a provincial centre of the Angkorian kingdom and formed the thoroughfare for a number of Burmese invasions during the Ayutthaya period. There is still a large army base on the north side of the Mae Khlong River and a strong military presence about the same-named capital city.

Also known as Ratburi, Ratchaburi isn't what you'd call a potpourri of tourist delights, but it's a good base for exploring the region's nooks and crannies -- just don't be surprised if you're the only foreigner you see during your stay.

Ratchaburi leapt into international headlines in January 2000, when it attracted the ... Read our complete Ratchaburi travel guide

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