Missing amulets

Missing amulets

Missing amulets

From the inner wall of the central bot at Sangkhlaburi's old wat - submerged most of the year.

Taken on: 25th June, 2005. Copyright: All Rights Reserved - See travelfishery's page of Flickr

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When travellers dream of Thailand, they may picture jungles, sparkling temples and the exotic charm of rural villages -- Sangkhlaburi is home to all this. Located 225 kilometres northwest of Kanchanaburi and a mere 24 kilometres from the Burmese border, Sangkhlaburi's seclusion only adds to its mystique.

Sanghkhlaburi is set towards the end of one of Thailand's most spectacular roads, nestled on the low hills edging Vajiralongkorn Lake
(previously known as Khao Laem Lake). Sheltered to the north and east by higher forest-covered limestone ranges, the lake is a reservoir that was created when a dam was built to the south, submerging most of the original Sangkhlaburi village back in 1982. Unless you put on scuba gear, all that can be seen of the old village today is the top of a temple wiharn and the temple tower nearby. A boat trip on the lake is a ... Read our complete Sangkhlaburi travel guide

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