Photo gallery for Kosamet


A pier in Koh Samed. Leopard shark in a fish farm. Buddha in Koh Samed. Fish farm in Koh Samed. Fish farm,Koh Samed. Building a new ferry terminal in Na Dan. Mermaid on the rocks. Vendors on the back of a pickup. A shrine in Na Dan. The roads on Koh Samed. Sunrise on Had Sai Kaew Beach. Sunrise seen from Ao Hin Khok. Bungalows in Ao Phai. Koh Samed. The main road in Na Dan. Na Dan Pier. A boat docked at a Koh Samed pier. Pier in Koh Samed. Sunrise in Koh Samed. Dinner on the beach. A shop on the main road. A restaurant on Koh Samed island. A fish farm on Samed island. Sunrise at Hat Sai Kaew Beach. Fishing boat at Ao Hin Khok. Kok Samed at sunrise. Ao Wai swing, Ko Samet Jep's restaurant, Ao Hin Khok, Ko Samet Ao Phrao, Ko Samet Beach vendor, Ao Hin Khok, Ko Samet Child at Ao Phrao, Ko Samet Seashells at Ao Lung Dam, Ko Samet Spirit tree on Ao Wai, Ko Samet Boy swimming at Ao Hin Khok, Ko samet Dawn at Ao Cho, Ko Samet Ao Phrao beach, Ko Samet Tree on Ao Wai Ko Samet Ao Noi Na, Ko Samet Sunset at Ao Phrao, Ko Samet Grilling prawns on Ao Wong Duen, Ko Samet Ao Tubtim, Ko Samet Ao Phai beach, Ko Samet Ao Hin Khok beach, Ko Samet Ao Kiu Na Nok, Ko Samet Ao Thian Beach, Ko Samet Departures, Ao Cho, Ko Samet Ao Wong Duen firespinner Ao Cho beach, Ko Samet Early morning on Ao Wai, Ko Samet Ao Wai on Ko Samet