Sri Racha seafood stall

Sri Racha seafood stall

Sri Racha seafood stall

Taken on: 28th October, 2009. Copyright: All Rights Reserved - See travelfishery's page of Flickr

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Midway between the provincial capital of Chonburi and the infamous Pattaya, Sri Racha (pronounced 'see-ra-cha') was once a rather anonymous fishing village with nothing more than a collection of rickety wooden piers.

The town may hug Thailand's eastern coastline, but the lack of a beach means it's never been on the tourist trail. The same can't be said of its neighbour, Ko Si Chang, an island that once entertained members of the Thai royal family and remains a popular weekend retreat for Bangkok folk.

Nestled between the capital and Pattaya, Sri Racha is now experiencing the effects of industrialisation and development. What was at one time a quiet town with a handful of shops and a deserted seafront is becoming a busy, built-up area, but one that still retains much of its original, laid-back feel. The old wooden piers are still standing, but today they are somewhat dwarfed by the nearby international port at Laem Chabang. The port's success has meant an ... Read our complete Sri Racha travel guide

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