Khlong Prao, Ko Chang, Thailand

Khlong Prao, Ko Chang, Thailand

Khlong Prao, Ko Chang, Thailand

Khlong Prao is one of the more luxurious hubs on the island. More about Ko Chang here

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"Coconut Canal", or Khlong Prao in Thai, is named after the emerald estuary that flows into the sea near a breezy coconut grove. The name is specifically used for the canal itself and a nearby village, but it also covers some five kilometres of coastline from the village of Chai Chet all the way to Kai Bae in the south. While a handful of quality budget to midrange spots are available, Khlong Prao is best known for its upscale resorts.

Khlong Prao boasts feathery white sand beaches with clear water and few toe-stubbing rocks to worry about. Though generally quite narrow, especially at high tide, these are undoubtedly some of the best on the island.

In our opinion, the beach up at Chai Chet is the area's most picturesque. Sheltered by a rocky outcrop, the palm-fringed sand is kissed by tepid aquamarine water with stunning views of the mountains that stretch dramatically seawards to the south.

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