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While considered little more than a rural backwater by many, Buriram province offers a rich historical legacy, some worthwhile scenery and a laid back Isaan (northeastern Thai) atmosphere. With a predominantly Sino-Thai-Lao population in the provincial capital and the eastern farmlands, many ethnic Khmer are found to the south, and you’re likely to hear Khmer spoken regularly the further south you go.

The highlights of the province, and indeed what draw most visitors, are the 100+ monuments, temples and archeological sites from both the Khmer and Dvaravati periods. Many of these can be easily visited from either the provincial capital of Buriram or the small town of Nang Rong.

Some of the ruins are little more than a couple of rocks in a field, but the atmospheric Phanom Rung (easily Thailand's most stunning Khmer monument) and haunting Muang Tam ... Read our complete Buriram travel guide

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