Phimai, Thailand

Taken on: 4th May, 2009. Copyright: All Rights Reserved - See Bodhidharma's Eyes's page of Flickr

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Some 800 years ago, Phimai was directly connected by a road to Angkor Wat and the centre of the once vast and powerful Khmer empire. Also reachable via the Mun River, the outpost was considered an integral part of the empire, seeing a steady stream of traders and religious travellers passing through its gates.

Today, Phimai is not quite so grandoise, but it remains a charming little town nevertheless -- afterall, how many Thai towns have an ancient set of ruins sitting in their midst? The main attraction is Prasat Phimai Historical Park, and though it's not as impressive as the ruins of Angkor or even Phanom Rung, the fully restored ancient ruins and surrounding gardens are a sea of tranquility in the midst of the sleepy but still vibrant Phimai town.

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