Wicker load, Udon Thani

Wicker load, Udon Thani

Wicker load, Udon Thani

Taken on: 18th December, 2004. Copyright: All Rights Reserved - See travelfishery's page of Flickr

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Sprawling Udon Thani province acts as the industrial, commercial and transportation hub for the entirety of Thailand's northeast region. It's a big sprawling city with not all that much appeal for independent travellers.

Much of this development originally stemmed from when it housed a US air-base during the Vietnam war, though there's little evidence of the US military presence anymore -- aside from the airport which, while mainly taking domestic flights, does operate some international flights as well.

Situated on an elevated plateau, Udon Thani gradually flattens out towards northern Nong Khai province and in the hot season the province is a bit of an arid dusty wasteland. The closest you get to Nong Khai, the better the climate gets.

Industry aside, Udon Thani province holds some archaeological importance, with the Ban Chiang dig uncovering pottery dating back over ... Read our complete Udon Thani travel guide

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