10,000 Wishes

10,000 Wishes

10,000 Wishes

I just attended the annual Yi Ping sky lantern launch in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

For the second year in a row, I watched as 10,000 lanterns rose into the night sky: each one holding the wishes, hopes and dreams of those who released it.

Truly a moving and unforgettable experience.

For the whole story, check out 10,000 Lanterns Rising in Unison.

Taken on: 16th November, 2013. Copyright: All Rights Reserved - See Greg - AdventuresofaGoodMan.com's page of Flickr

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Thailand's northern capital, Chiang Mai is the country's second most-visited city, yet in terms of size it does not remotely compare to Bangkok. With its smaller size and population, Chiang Mai has a lot in its favour for tourists and travellers alike, with the centre of town packed with glittering wats, excellent restaurants and expansive shopping markets all of which are easily taken in on foot.

If Thai temples are your thing, then Chiang Mai has a lot to offer -- the hill-top Wat Doi Suthep is the crown jewels, but the old city is packed with a vivid collection of traditional Thai temples, with Wat Phra Singh, Wat Chedi Luang and Read our complete Chiang Mai travel guide

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