Monks in Fang district, Chiang Mai.jpg

Monks in Fang district, Chiang Mai.jpg

Monks in Fang district, Chiang Mai.jpg

Bamboo wat nr Fang, Chiang Mai taken on an All Points East tour of Northern Thailand

Taken on: 16th February, 2011. Copyright: All Rights Reserved - See Mark Chiang Mai's page of Flickr

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Once a major base for the opium-cultivating KMT, Fang has been transformed in recent decades into a laid back rural retreat. While the drug trade has been mostly eradicated, the feeling of isolation in Chiang Mai province's northernmost reaches is still well intact. Few foreign tourists make it here, and though you won't be the first they've seen, locals will still be surprised and impressed by your presence in their pleasant mountain town.

The city of Fang feels a bit more like a large town than a true city — even by Thai standards — though it's clearly the hub of commerce and trade in the area. Businesses are small, but there is a fair smattering of restaurants and bars, and even a big, shiny Tesco Lotus, that mecca of Western convenience. The people are friendly and the pace is relaxed, making it a great base for exploring the surrounding countryside, which is both beautiful and diverse.

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