Care for Dogs

Care for Dogs

Care for Dogs

Barb H. volunteering at Care for Dogs,

Taken on: 12th February, 2011. Copyright: All Rights Reserved - See Nola_Lee_Kelsey's page of Flickr

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If you're leaving Chiang Mai in a southwest direction, under your own steam, there are two possible options: the main route 108 to Hang Dong or the canal road running closer to the foot of Doi Suthep, heading off from Ton Payon Market, just before the University area.

The former is faster and is the one public transport will use but it's a busy six lane highway so not so pleasant if you're tootling along on your bicycle or Honda Dream. It leads past the airport and the huge Tesco Lotus store and heads west lined by furniture and home decor outlets. If you do have the choice it's better to grab a bite to eat or a local coffee at the fascinating Ton Payon Market then head along the quieter and more scenic canal road towards Hang Dong. (Both routes meet up some 10 kms out of town just short of Hang Dong itself anyway.)

The canal road has some pleasing views of the Doi Suthep range in-between all the road side luxury housing developments and you'll pass by the ... Read our complete Hang Dong travel guide

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