Hilltribe Woman

Hilltribe Woman

Hilltribe Woman

A hilltribe woman passes through her village in the mountains outside Chiang Rai, Thailand

Taken on: 25th August, 2006. Copyright: All Rights Reserved - See Nola_Lee_Kelsey's page of Flickr

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Mountainous and alluring, Chiang Rai is one of the best spots to do trekking in Thailand. The provincial capital of the same name is home to a wide range of excellent accommodation, from five-star international hotels to cheap backpacker guesthouses, as well as some great eating spots, with most cuisines covered and swish Western/Thai style coffee houses boasting free WiFi starting to multiply.

Chiang Rai also retains some of the small-town charm now relatively lacking in places like Chiang Mai and Bangkok, remaining the kind of place where a child might shout "Hello" from the back of their parents' motorbike as they speed past. Chiang Rai has a charm which has disappeared from many of Thailands cities, such as Read our complete Chiang Rai travel guide

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