Photo gallery for Maehongson


Mae Hong Son Sunrise near Mae Hong Son Bua Tong hillside MHS07_050x MHS07_046x Lazy chairs at the Soppong River Inn Soppong trekking scenes View from Northern Hill Gusthouse, Soppong Small valley trekking out of Soppong Little Eden Guesthouse, Soppong Scenery trekking out of Soppong Scenery on the road to Lisu Mountain Lang River in Soppong Soppong town The Lang river runs behind Sopping proper A bubbling creek more than a river, the Lang River, Soppong Pai valley The scene at Pairadise Sipsongpanna in Pai Pairadise view across the Pai valley Hanging out at Paiburee and Riverside Bamboo bridge in Pai The view from Pai River Hill Bamboo in Pai Bamboo rafting in Pai Pai sunset Floating down the river in Pai Tubes waiting for bodies in Pai Pai River Hill Pai River Hill Sunset in Pai Cherokee Silver Shop in Pai Carrying rafts down for rafting in Pai Orchard lighting in Pai Bamboo bridge over the Pai river in the afternoon Bar lights on the wall in Pai The swimming pool at Belle Villa Pai Bamboo bridge over the Pai river Pai River Hill bungalows