- Pai, Thailand

Turns out that moving to a town surrounded by epic mountains and kickass tramping spots has left me with no need to go on the internet for days at a time!
Here's my first upload in a few weeks!

I was on my way from Pai, Thailand, to an area called Mae Hong Son, where a monastery by the name of Wat Tam Wha sits surrounded by forest and serenity. On the 2.5 hour bus ride through the windy mountains of Northern Thailand, the bus driver pulled over at a small set up pit stop area with a couple shacks selling the usual... chicken, beer, water, and Pepsi. Oh ye, the endless supply of Pepsi.

Natural lighting :) A bit of colour correcting didn't hurt at all, and maybe taking away a few logo's here and there. I have an alt. version I'll stick up in a few days.


Taken on: 21st July, 2010. Copyright: Attribution License - See g_firkser's page of Flickr

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Once a gorgeous sleepy town, Pai, while still rather gorgeous, is well and truly on the traveller map through northern Thailand. Old timers and more experienced travellers may sneer at it, as it's certainly not the "real Thailand" any more but if you're a young backpacker on a first trip to Thailand it can seem like a great scene and it is easily accessible in every sense.

Pai old city, situated on the left bank of Pai river by Wiang Nur village, dates back to the Lanna period when it was an important regional centre, though there's nothing much left of it to see these days. During the 1970s it was probably a fairly dangerous spot, being a Kuomintang-controlled area and an important opium transit centre. In the 1980s the area was cleaned up and a sealed road to Pai was built. The pesky KMT were offered decent farmland and Khun Sa and his Shan State Army were far enough away to not pose a threat, while the lingering KMT insurgency was restricted to remoter ... Read our complete Pai travel guide

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